One mystery solved, another begins: Quest for answers in the Kelly Dwyer case

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- One mystery solved, another begins. On Thursday, May 7th, it was confirmed that skeletal remains found in Jefferson County were those of Kelly Dwyer. Now, experts must next find the cause of her death.

The skeletal remains took days to identify. Kelly Dwyer's dental records had to be used to do it. Now, to put together a possible criminal case, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office tells FOX6 News officials are in discussions to get more analysis -- and are quite a ways from being ready to build a case.

FOX6 News has learned one possibility is to ship the remains to the University of North Texas to be looked at in its forensic anthropology lab. Another possibility is to have them analyzed in Milwaukee -- most likely with the help from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"We examine the body very closely to see if there's any bruising on the bones or not; to see if there's any musculature tissue left. It's pretty much skeletanized,  but there's some soft tissue left on her -- but to see if there's any disruption of that," said Fred Anapol, UW-Milwaukee Anthropology Professor.

Milwaukee police have said the last person to be seen with Dwyer, Kris Zocco, is the only person of interest in the death investigation. Zocco is in prison for the child pornography investigators discovered on his computer during the search for Dwyer.

On Friday, the Dwyer family responded with information from their private investigators, saying according to the Genesis group,  the Milwaukee District Attorney's Office, death investigators and other experts are meeting in continued efforts to bring justice to the Dwyer family. The family spokesperson says the Dwyers are in grieving and have no further comment.

Zocco's attorney, Michael Levine, had no comment on the case Friday.