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Search warrant unsealed Tuesday reveals new details in officer-involved shooting of Tony Robinson

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MADISON (WITI) — A search warrant affidavit unsealed in the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man by a Madison police officer says the officer told the next policeman arriving at the scene that he had been battered by the victim.

The affidavit was unsealed Tuesday, the same day Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny would not be criminally charged in connection with Robinson’s death.

The search warrant was executed on March 7th — one day after 19-year-old Robinson was shot and killed.

The warrant was executed at the apartment home at 1125 Williamson Street — where the officer-involved shooting occurred.

Officer-involved shooting of Tony Robinson

Officer-involved shooting of Tony Robinson

The documents state that it was around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, March 6th when officers were dispatched to the apartment home to peform a welfare check.

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny

Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny responded to dispatch that he was en route to the address — and a Madison police sergeant (Sgt. Lamar Gary) was also en route.

Sgt. Gary reported one of three people who called into dispatch reported Tony Robinson had punched his friend, and that the caller wasn’t going to stay on scene. That caller reported Robinson fled to the gas station across the street from the Williamson Street apartment home.

Officer Kenny arrived at the home and announced he was entering over the radio.

Sgt. Gary reported as he parked his car and approached the apartment home, he heard “several gunshots.”

When he entered the home, he saw Officer Kenny standing with his firearm pointed in the direction of male subject who was lying on the floor at the bottom of the staircase — just inside the first floor exterior door to apartment #2.

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

Kenny reported a second subject may still be inside the home, and Sgt. Gary performed a security sweep.

Sgt. Gary saw a large sword on the floor in a bedroom as he searched the home.

No one else was found inside.

Sgt. Gary then observed Officer Kenny performing CPR on Robinson.

Madison Fire and EMS officials responded and continued life-saving measures.

Officer Kenny gave a statement about what had happened — saying he had been “battered” by a male subject, and he had then fired at that subject.

Tony Robinson was pronounced dead at 7:12 p.m.

A Department of Justice agent spoke with Tony Robinson’s roommate, who reported they had smoked marijuana together earlier on March 6th — and that Tony Robinson was looking to purchase some psychedelic mushrooms.

Robinson’s roommate also informed the agent during the early evening hours of March 6th, he received “several text messages” from friends reporting “Tony was going crazy” and punching holes in the walls of their apartment.

In announcing his decision not to criminally charge Officer Kenny in the shooting death of Robinson, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said on March 6th, Robinson was under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms, THC (marijuana) and xanax.

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  • really

    Personal responsibility onthe part of his parents is the place to start.he was a person using illegal drugs dangerous..not the innocent young person portrayed…he made unfortunate life CHoices…choices. that lead to his death…I conceal carry and if he woild have even attempted to assault me I would have defended myself under the law…where was his family why didnt they help him with his drug problem?..rumor has it his father was there is that true..and did he get tony the “shrooms.?..why isnt the father making statements with the mother??..the correct decision was made…the DA. Did the right thing..people pray for families to Raise their kids morally lawfully..teach them guide them…dont blame the officer when your child was freaked out attacking people destroying was your job to raise him right you failed mom and dad YOU facilitated his death

    • 2ECOND

      the parents may have done EVERYTHING right and it still wouldn’t matter. we all have freedom of choice. Tony decided to make some bad choices, and in the end it cost him his life. the parents ARE however in the wrong for now sticking up for their criminal son, which at this point only fuels comments by people to blame them.

  • Mr. Bob

    Why does fox6now keep beating this story like a stubborn mule?? It has been determined by Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne that Officer Kenny was justified in using deadly force to terminate the threat against him. Nothing more to it. Move on to the next slanted story fox6now wants to generate…

  • pissed momm

    I just wish that cops would Shoot to hurt first instead of shoot to kill. A tazer maybe? Unless the suspect clearly has a gun there is no reason to kill. It seems to me these cops are always “scared for their lives”… well maybe they should not be cops then. What happened to all the training to deal with these situations… or is this how they are trained?

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