Shirley Abrahamson makes case to remain as chief justice

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Shirley Abrahamson

MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson is telling a federal court judge that she should be allowed to continue the work of chief justice that she’s done for the past 19 years.

Abrahamson made the arguments in court filings made Monday and Tuesday in her ongoing lawsuit against the other justices and state.

Abrahamson argues a constitutional amendment allowing the justices to elect who is chief justice can’t be implemented until her current term is over in 2019. But four of the other six justices went ahead last month and chose Justice Pat Roggensack as chief justice.

Abrahamson says in an affidavit filed Tuesday that it was her understanding, and the understanding of voters, that if re-elected in 2009 she would continue serving uninterrupted as chief justice.


  • Judas Priest

    Get off the seat you old hag. The People have spoken and passed the law. You being a judge should understand that. So take your crayons and sit down.

  • s holmes

    Send the cops in & pry her fat behind off the chair. As far as your “contract”? ….consider it terminated.

  • NO Trolley

    Hey Large Marge (she looks just like the character from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Movie),time to retire. Go drive a semi!!

  • Mea Balls-Itcha

    Grand ma ma is correct…. it is the understanding of the voters just lately to kick her lib arse off of the middle of the bench!!!!~!~

  • Marcia

    Seriously, we are not that stupid. We knew we were voting her out. Man, again the laws don’t apply to those who choose to abuse them. Pull up your big girl panties and go home.

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