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“This is not over:” Disappointed over decision in Madison, folks take to streets, vow to keep fighting

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MADISON (WITI) -- Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne on Tuesday afternoon, May 12th announced Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny will not be criminally charged in connection with the shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson. Following the announcement, support for Tony Robinson's family spilled into the streets of Madison -- with supporters marching on Robinson's behalf.

Tony Robinson's family members and those who support them said they were disappointed by District Attorney Ozanne's decision not to file charges in this case.

Hundreds marched through the streets of Madison -- showing support for the family.


They say Tuesday's decision won't stop them from continuing to fight for justice.

“The loss this family has experienced is almost impossible to put into words,” Jon Loevy, the attorney for the Robinson family said.

Tony Robinson protest Madison

Tony Robinson protest Madison

Loevy said following Ozanne’s decision not to criminally charge Kenny in this case, he and the family have “a number of unanswered questions.” This, as Robinson's family focused on the 19-year-old who lost his life.

“Tony was a little brother to me. He will be missed terribly. There are few words I can put in to describe my feelings about how he has been demonized. This was a 19-year-old kid whose life was cut short before he was able to fully realize his potential. The fact the DA has stopped that process is undermining our constitutional rights as citizens to have a trial by our peers,” Robinson’s uncle, Turin Carter said.

“My grandson has been slandered from the beginning. I don’t have the option to hold him anymore. I miss him and really love him. He was a great kid. You haven’t had the opportunity to know the kid I know. I hope one day you have the opportunity to know who he was. I will miss him for the rest of my life. This is a forever thing for me,” Robinson’s grandmother, Sharon Irwin said.

Tony Robinson protest Madison

Tony Robinson protest Madison

Protesters marched from the Social Justice Center on Williamson Street to the Capitol in Madison, stopping to pray near the Dane County Courthouse.

Standing on the steps of a nearby church, Robinson's mother, Andrea Irwin addressed the crowd.

"I am not the type to be defeated. I am not but just beginning to fight," Irwin said. "My son dying will forever be remembered as the day we are going to change history. This is not over."

Tony Robinson's mother told CNN's Anderson Cooper she was so outraged when she heard the announcement that she had to leave the room.

"I'm heartbroken and I'm angry," she told Cooper. "I'm more than upset, almost something that I can't even describe right now."

Robinson's mother said her family "absolutely" plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Police Department.

"The things that have taken place since my son passed and the things that have been done to my family, to me, they've gone above and beyond to try to make sure they kick me when I'm down. They have done a smear campaign against my child and against me since this all began."


Loevy said as the spokesman for the Robinson family, he was asked to convey that the family fully supports the community’s right to express frustration and anger if there is frustration and anger over this decision, saying “this is a free country, and people will be making their feelings known.”

However, the family asks that protests remain calm and non-violent — saying people should not get hurt, and the community should not tear itself apart because that isn’t what the Robinson family is about, and it’s not what Tony Robinson was about.


The Coalition for Justice, which has organized demonstrations in Milwaukee following the officer-involved shooting of 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park was on hand to march with demonstrators in Madison Tuesday.

The Young, Gifted and Black Coalition has been leading protests in this case in Madison. The group announced they'll rally Wednesday morning, May 13th in front of the apartment house where Robinson was shot and killed. They want people to give up whatever they're doing that day and join them in what they're calling "Black-Out Wednesday."

In Milwaukee, a rally will be held in Red Arrow Park in support of Tony Robinson, scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m.

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  • Mr Bob

    Jon Loevy is the ambulance chasing attorney for the Robinson family. I don’t see you recovering any cash from this case loevy as it doesn’t involve the weasel starbucks ceo……

  • H. Mueller

    Thankfully the Rule of Law was applied to the determination of this case. All evidence showed that the officer had no choice and was totally justified in shooting this violent criminal.

  • richard cranium

    i demand justice!!! how dare a police officer think he is a human being and has a right to defend himself! who says police officers have a right to go home to their families at the end of the day?!?!?! I WANTZ JUSTICE!!!!!

  • chris

    I love how thug supporters continue to protest when the facts show their loved one was in the wrong and even the law supports it. Take note Hamiltons, Bells, Siler, Browns. ..

    • Mark

      I’m even more amazed at all these people holding these signs and protesting? I mean, seriously….. If this was your family member (the cop) who was in this situation, and all the facts showed that he was being pummeled by some kid on drugs and had no choice in the actions he took to defend himself, wouldn’t you be outraged seeing all these protesters putting the blame on the person who is simply doing his job and protecting the community?

  • dylan

    Chris I agree, aren’t ehy ashamed at the report of his illegal drug activity aren’t they ashamed at his behavior at his criminal record at the fact this kid was assualting private citizens and terrifying even his own friends.. aren’t they ashamed they didn’t intervene when he had his criminal charges are you telling me they had no idea he was partaking in the illegal drug life style. xanax “shrooms” oh yeah that is something to be proud of.. yeah acting like a fool where was his grandma and mommy and uncle then… i am quite sure this is not the first time he ever did illegal drugs and it is a crime to take prescription drugs controlled substances you are not prescribed.. He would have gotten shot by any private citizen with a conceral carry permit he might have encountered and assaulted,, and they would have been justified under the law!!! parents and families raise your children the right way.. this is very much the parents and families fault that he is dead.. as anyone else’s good job Mom

    • T J

      You are right on “this is very much the parents and families fault” The problem is that NONE of these families will accept responsibility for any of their actions. It is always someone else’s fault. That’s why the protests were scheduled ahead of time. They were going to protest something regardless of the outcome of the announcement. Until people stop looking for handouts, feeling entitled, and pushing blame on everyone instead of looking in the mirror nothing will change. I would bet the people that called 911 on Tony were also in the protest crowd..

  • 2ECOND

    for those that keep blaming the parents. times have changed, the government has taken many parenting rights away, so as your child is growing your looked at criminally for spanking your kid. these aren’t “kids” either. there comes a point when one has to take responsibility for their actions. the problem comes in when parents stick up for their kids criminal behavior. ALL lives matter. what makes mr. Robinsons life matter more than the officers? the officer was NOT the one braking the law in the first place. the officer didn’t just walk in blindly shooting, the officer WAS protecting his life.

  • Melissa

    Yea, let’s just ignore the fact that this punk was high and tripping out on 3 different drugs, which is why he was shot. Idiots.

    • Petey

      Yeah, I’m sure the kid was a nice enough kid BUT he WAS high and that changes nice enough kids into monsters. And how was this cop to know? Justice was served on Tuesday but apparently that wasn’t enough. I think in the minds of these protesters death to the cop would be justice. They have no clue.

  • Lorett

    Hey protesters, I have a coupe idea what you should do to make a difference. Organize inner it youth clubs, drug addiction support clubs, organize community activities, like fixing, cleaning the neighborhood so it will look like humans live there. Educate the young about law and order, how to be on the productive side of society. There is lots to do to make a difference but that would require real work and determination not just walking around with banners and shouting and screaming/ not to mention rioting/

  • Homer

    I’m tired of Fox 6 and the rest of the local media covering these “protests”. Dude was whacked out on various kinds of drugs and attacked an officer, end of story. Go do some real reporting for a change.

  • MH

    Don’t be high on drugs challenging police! Im just wondering why the protest for a young man CLEARLY in the wrong, but NOT ONE protest for the brothas that die EVERY DAY at the hands of another brotha…..

  • Mr. Bob

    The very fact that these idiots are protesting tells us one thing. The type of criminal behavior robinson displayed that caused him to lose his life will never change. Seriously what is there to really protest?? The criminal was shot and killed because he attempted to use deadly force against a police officer. The fact that they protest shows you that attitude these family members and anyone else ignorant enough to join in the protest with them says, my kid didn’t do anything wrong and he was shot for no reason. Nothing will ever change as long as that attitude exists.

    • no user

      I see this as simply a reaction to the guilt the parents feel. They obviously know they failed in parenting and now want to shift the blame/guilt off of themselves. These days, it seems many blacks like to blame the police for their problems so here we go again. All lives matter. Thugs and violent criminals less so. Skin color is irrelevant to this argument.

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