Joint Finance Committee plans to reject proposal in budget to expand state’s “Family Care” program

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MADISON (AP) — The Legislature’s finance committee plans to reject a proposal in Governor Scott Walker’s budget that calls for expanding the state’s Family Care program and ending the IRIS program.

Family Care provides managed long-term care services for the elderly. IRIS provides assistance with bathing, dressing and other needs.

Both programs are available in 57 of the state’s 72 counties.

Walker’s budget calls for expanding Family Care statewide and eliminating IRIS. That program’s functions would be wrapped into Family Care.

Sen. Alberta Darling and Rep. John Nygren, the committee’s co-chairs, told reporters on Thursday, May 14th they want a “better product” than Walker’s plan.

They said the committee plans to vote later this month on directing the state Department of Health Services to start developing a plan that would reform long-term care.


  • BG

    Good, Family care promises services and never come through for the elderly. They need to audit the companies who contract with them. workers getting 3000 dollars bonus to keep cost down. tax payers money being misused again. I pray an audit happens soon!

    • MM

      Sorry BG, I strongly disagree with your entire comment. Family care does many good things for elderly and disabled all while trying to keep costs down. I’d like you to cite your source of these $3000 bonuses. Family Care workers hardly get paid a decent salary let alone receive such a bonus.

      • BG

        All they have to do is an audit with several of the contracted agencies and they will find out where the real money is going . if you look at the handbook that is given to the clients and services provided you will see. For example agencies encourage worker to reduce meals to the elderly ( ask Maria Ledger), to save money)she is on folks back when services are not reduced to save money. personal care workers hours are reduced when a elderly live alone ( example meal prep reduced to 1 an week, laundry 1x a week. I know I don’t do laundry 1x a week at least 2x, shopping 1x a week. Please MM wake the heck up! You must work under Maria.. . the assessment is a joke! A Audit will bring issues to light. just a matter of time!! I pray they do not expand family care. When site visits are done by stated, Family care Administration from Milwaukee hands out list on how we should answer the questions, what to wear ( colors and all). I do this every year. So please take a seat!

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