Milwaukee Bucks, design team release video intended to spark interest in proposed arena

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) —  The Milwaukee Bucks and their design team released on Thursday, May 14th, a video which illustrates the ripple effect of economic growth and development that a new sports and entertainment district in downtown Milwaukee has the potential to create.

The Milwaukee Bucks released the following statement in regards to the video:

“Our owners have a vision for the new arena and entertainment district to be a vibrant community and a catalyst for economic growth. This video is an illustration of the ripple effect this transformative public-private partnership can have for the community, region and state.”

The Bucks’ YouTube page says the video above was produced and edited by Populous. *Note that all depictions of the arena bowl are conceptual in nature and not indicative in any way of the ongoing arena design process.

The first images and details of the team’s vision for the development of a new multi-purpose, $500 million arena and another $500 million sports and entertainment district was released on April 8th. The images depict early conceptual drawings of a new multi-purpose venue and entertainment district that anchor an ambitious new development vision activated by sports, entertainment, residential and office uses.

The proposed site, which primarily sits between Fourth Street and Sixth Street from State Street to McKinley Avenue, will link with active development on all sides, including Old World Third Street, Schlitz Park, The Brewery, the Milwaukee riverfront, Water Street and the Wisconsin Center.

The Bucks and their developers say the vision is for a 700,000 square foot, 17,000 seat arena designed for maximum flexibility and year-round use. The design is complete with a public plaza and to the west, a Milwaukee Bucks practice facility. Officials say an entertainment district will serve as a destination that draws the people of the region together for unforgettable experiences and a place people will love to gather for generations to come.


  • See the Future

    Your backwards thinking and resistance to development is what got Milwaukee in the rut its in, which caused all the crime. If you can’t see how desperately Milwaukee needs this to become a booming and thriving city again, then please take your ignorance elsewhere.

    • Mr. Bob

      See the future, Your lack of thinking is what keeps Milwaukee in the huge rut it is in. If you can’t see how desperately Milwaukee needs to address the failed public school system, the violent crime rate (7th most dangerous city in America), the mortgage foreclosure problem, the pothole problems and in general lack of street repairs that are needed well BEFORE 50% of the 500 million dollar gymnasium gets financed by the taxpayers, then please take your ignorance elsewhere. You are a rube and a sucker for the billionaire snake oil salesmen…

    • Notaxmoney

      What the hell are you talking about? Milwaukee is in this rut because of poor decision making and use of tax money. If anybody in city government had a half a brain they would clean up the streets fix the school system and stop spending money on things the city doesn’t need. We have a good arena now that doesn’t even come close to selling out but let’s build a new one at taxpayer expense so billionaires came become richer

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