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“People just started shooting at us:” Five people wounded at vigil on Milwaukee’s north side

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police say five people were shot during a vigil to remember a victim of gun violence near N. 29th and W. Burleigh.

The shooting took place Saturday evening, May 16th.

Authorities say a crowd had gathered in memory of 18-year-old Kendrai Walker killed Friday night, May 15th near 28th and Burleigh.

Police say the large group of people was in the alley when at least one person fired several shots.

Five people suffered gunshot wounds: three women, ages 57, 52 and 24 -- and two men, ages 23 and 21.

FOX6 News spoke with a man who was here when it happened. He tells us at least part of the group was participating in a community clean up and then they were having a vigil for the 18-year-old man who was shot and killed Friday night at 28th and Burleigh -- and that's when Saturday's shooting happened.

"After we met up, people just started shooting at us and stuff, and you know, I had to take off running. So many shots rang out I had to get up out of there," said John Jackson, witness at the scene.

Jackson tells FOX6 News, one of the victims shot was the mother of Kendrai Walker who was shot and killed Friday night.

Police say all five victims received non-life threatening wounds and are being treated at a local hospital.

There are no suspects in custody at this time as authorities are still investigating this incident.

FOX6 News will continue to monitor this investigation and will update when more information is available.


  • donald

    We the people have got to stop the killings.everytime someone gets shot first thing people got to do is take revieng and go after anyone thats pn the street it dont matter who it is .its not a black or white thong anymore people wake up back in the day people used to foght with there fist.but now its with guns take all of these gangs and put them behind bars and keep them there for life and soon it would stop and teach are kids that guns are not the answer have more scared stright progams and soon all of this would stop.

  • wtf

    there is no reasoning when these people have no regard for “life” no morals or decency, have no regard for the law. this is the way they were raised by their parents they have the entitlement attitude, are usually in ganges, involved in drugs and illegal activities, more often than not have the guns illegally so don’t pull the conceal carry card.. more than likely already have a criminal record. and want everything handed to them.. the community needs to police themseleves. because they don’t respect the police or the law of the land. maybe if vigils are a trigger and arent’ safe skip that.. don’t bring attention to yourself.. why does everything have to be a public display? no one that has any respect for themseleves cares all that much..lawabiding citizens can’t even grasp the unruly and criminal behavior I wasn’t raised to hate I wasn’t raised to expect anything handed to me I wasn’t raised to steal, rob, and create mayhem. I was raised on the ten commandments. and to respect elders, to obey the law work hard and take care of myself. I raised my kids that way and was a single mom of four children (my spouse died young) I didn’t expect the governent to hand me rent $$ phone$$ healthcare or food $$..I worked hard went to school and took
    care of myself and my kids.. get to work go to school and have some pride if not stay in your neighborhood and just keep hoping you arent’ the next shooting victim you reap what you sow

  • TR

    These prayer vigals are not the one stop solution to the problem. Ive been telling Tory Lowe for over a year it starts in your own neighborhood get to know your neighbors trust your neighbors etc he laughed at me and said I didnt understand the way of life in the hood now hes saying what Ive been telling him smh

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