Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny wants to return to his job, but police chief fears for his safety

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Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny and Tony Robinson

MADISON (AP) — Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny wants to return to his job, but the police chief fears for Kenny’s safety.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced last Tuesday, May 12th Kenny won’t face criminal charges in the March shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson. The case has sparked passionate protests and intense public scrutiny.

Kenny remains on paid leave, pending an internal investigation to see if he violated department policies. It hasn’t been completed but its results are expected soon.

Kenny’s attorney, Jim Palmer, tells the Wisconsin State Journal that Kenny’s desire to return is rooted in a dedication to service, pointing to the 12-year department veteran’s prior time in the U.S. Coast Guard and as a lifeguard.

Chief Mike Koval tells WKOW-TV he’s looking at alternatives to Kenny returning to a patrol role.


  • Mr. Bob

    Here’s an idea, how about if Chief Mike Koval resigns and Officer Kenny assumes his position?? Koval was not initially supportive of Kenny when the story first broke because he is much like the spineless, jellyfish, cowardly weasel flynn who waits to see which way popular opinion ebbs before he comments or supports his Officers. In the end weasel flynn threw Officer Manney under the bus and fired him at mayor mccheese’s urging.

    • Hell in a handbasket

      Agreed. Just like the Michael Brown picture from grade school and not the Michael Brown strong arm robbery surveillance pictures when he was justifiably shot in Ferguson MO. The liberal media has an agenda and FOX 6 has taken a hard left since the Chicago Tribune bought them. My comment will be under moderation and probably yours too. What’s Fox 6’s motto, “because you matter” they need to change it to “Because you matter but your opposing views do not”.

  • H. Mueller

    Then I would suggest that the City of Madison pay the officer his salary and benefits until he would normally retire, and let him stay at home or get another job while getting full pay from Madison. If they are unable and unwilling to deal with their criminals and insure that he would be able to work with the normal amount of safety that any officer would have, they need to pay him. He did nothing wrong. Madison is catering to the criminal thug element, and by doing so is encouraging this element.

  • Jerry

    How reminiscent of witch hunts from the 16th century. The Officer did nothing wrong and yet people with blocked brains refuse to see the truth here. How about blame the kid’s friend and the others who called 911? They are the ones who called for police because the kid was out of control! The Robinson kid’s own choices brought consequences, as all choices do.

    • Mr. Bob

      Oh no they wouldn’t blame the kid’s friends who called 911 because the friends don’t have the deep pockets like Starbucks has to pay large sums of money to the family. That’s how the hamilton family got their chunk of change because it was the Starbucks’ employees who called the police about that bum dontre sleeping on the bench outside their coffee shop. Then of course the weasel CEO of Starbucks gave the hamilton clan their money… That’s how it works Jerry!!! Does Starbucks still have that special 14 shot schmocka yoka jochka special dontre espresso on the menu???

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