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North Carolina teen kicked out of prom because he wore… a kilt

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina teenager was kicked out of his school prom because he wore a kilt.

WTVD reported that Johnston County 16-year-old David Leix was recently turned away at the door because the traditional Scottish attire was against dress code.

Leix said the kilt belonged to his late grandfather and he wanted to honor him. The teen said he has been wearing kilts to formal events since childhood and wanted to celebrate where he’s from.

The prom that the teenager and his date went to was a “Praise Prom,” which was described on its website as a Christian alternative prom for kids who are homeschooled.

The dress code for the event was listed on its website. For guys, it said pants are acceptable and jeans, shorts and baggy pants are not.

The teenager said volunteers at the door told him the “dress” was too short. He said calling a kilt a dress is offensive.

Leix was eventually allowed to enter prom after someone bought him a pair of black pants. The teen’s mother said nobody from the prom called her to tell her what happened.

The organizers of the prom have not commented on the issue to WTVD, but the teen’s mother said she was told the dress code will not change.



    If this kid would have work a ball gown and said he identified as a female not only would he have been let in to the prom, but he would have been crowned queen and gotten an interview on Ellen. Worst case he would have been told “No.” and sued for emotional distress, got paid, got a book deal, THEN got an interview on Ellen. This is exactly the kind of thinking that probably led his parents to homeschool him in the first place.

  • tammy

    Why is it different is always is bad? Why cant people just accept that today’s world is different and they blew this out of sorts.

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