No apology from alderman who called constituents ‘dumb dumbs:’ “This is how you talk about citizens?”

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CUDAHY (WITI) -- Be careful what you put in an email! A Cudahy alderman is learning that lesson the hard way after a private rant went public in a big way! The alderman is offering no apologies after calling some of his constituents names we can't say on TV.

Richard Kahle

Richard Kahle

Richard Kahle is not a "dumb dumb."

"If you feel that way, keep it to yourself," Kahle said.

Kahle did make a mistake -- one he admits to, and one a Cudahy alderman is calling him out on.

"This Jason is calling me and the citizens of Cudahy dumb," Kahle said.

Kahle was working on his garden last week. It is a memorial to his son, Elliot, who passed away six years ago. Kahle ended up with a big pile of old lumber, and he dragged it to the curb for a special, city-wide garbage pickup for special waste.

"Maximum length is four feet. I had two pieces that weren`t, so they didn`t pick up anything," Kahle said.

Richard Kahle lumber

Richard Kahle's lumber

Kahle chopped down the pieces of lumber to meet the city's size requirement and the lumber still wasn't picked up, so Kahle called his alderman Richard Bartoshevich.

"There were some emails sent out internally at City Hall," Kahle said.

Bartoshevich says he provided copies of an email fellow Alderman Jason Litkowiec sent in response to the situation.

"Direct it to the dip-(expletive) dumb dumbs who cannot read, comprehend or follow simple instructions," Kahle said as he read the email for FOX6 News. "The days of coddling those who can`t , don`t or refuse to follow simple instructions are over. We do not have the time and resources to change diapers for whiners and complainers anymore."

Richard Kahle

Richard Kahle

"This is how you talk about the citizens of Cudahy? I was really appalled by that," Kahle said.

Litkowiec admits he said those things in an email. He says the special garbage pickups cost the city $180,000 and there are about 40 citizens every spring who fail to follow the guidelines. Litkowiec says if the city makes an exception for Kahle, Cudahy will have to do additional pickups for everyone at a cost.

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  • Michael

    My items were picked just fine, as they are every year. But, the bottom line is if they do not take items longer than 4 feet, they STILL SHOULD HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING ELSE! Lazy City Workers! And the alderman should be smart enough to keep his comments to himself – Signed, Pissed off Cudahy Home Owner!

    • john

      City workers do not pick up, it’s contracted out. So you can not say lazy city workers. Learn how your city operates before calling city workers lazy please.

  • Adam

    The issue is not length or the recollection of garbage. The issue is an elected official belittling and berating a citizen of the city he is elected too. Regardless of the details, the unprofessionalism of the alderman should not be condoned. I could think of 50,000 different words that could have been used to properly state his point.

  • Maria

    Not so fun being called out on your bull****, eh, old white guy who feels entitled to have the city overlook rules just for him?

  • Petey

    HEY, NEWSFLASH, we ARE dumb-dumbs! This is how this country got into the mess we are in right now! No one votes anymore. We forget that crooks in politics are crooks and re-elect them. Wouldn’t anyone call that dumb. I call it stupid!

  • Mr. Bob

    “This is how you talk about the citizens of Cudahy? I was really appalled by that,” Kahle said.
    No Kahle, just dumb sh*ts like you who either can’t read or are unable to follow directions….

  • s holmes

    You wouldn’t think that a polock would throw stones…just kidding about the ethnicity part, not about the alderman.

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