Fans told national anthem won’t be played, but they sing anyway

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LAFAYETTE, La. — Fans who attended the NCAA Softball Regionals at Louisana Lafayette on Sunday took it upon themselves to show some patriotism.

Before the third game, fans were told the national anthem would not be played due to time constraints. But that didn’t keep the fans from singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” themselves.

In the video, you can see players stopping during warm-ups and taking off their caps.



  • Hell in a handbasket

    Time constraints (90 seconds or so). They are not telling the truth. Some liberal pacifist probably complained because they were offended by “Rockets Red Glare” and “Bombs Bursting in Air”. This country is not only going to hell in a hand basket, we’re on a rocket sled there!

  • TR

    1 As a Veteran I am offended by the idiot who hade the decision not to have it. 2 I have respect for the fans to take it upon themselves to fix the problem 3 Even more respect for the players to acknowledge it and showing the proper ettitique

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