“Rent the Chicken:” They cluck, lay eggs, eat bugs, fertilize your grass — and they can temporarily be yours

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Greenville, SC (WITI) — They cluck, lay eggs, eat pesky bugs, all the while fertilizing your grass, and now chickens can temporarily be yours.

A company in called “Rent The Chicken,” allows you to rent two or four hens. A six-month rental includes the chickens, the coop, chicken food and a water dish. The company is now serving Serving western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, southern New York, Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, Arizona, South Carolina, Oregon and Toronto.

“You want chickens and farm fresh eggs but the commitment is a little scary or unknown,” said Frankie Casey, who owns the Greenville Rent The Chicken with her husband, Erik.

But the Caseys are hoping to take that fear away by renting out their hens. They said they also provide a tutorial.

“We’ll bring an instruction sheet full of explanations and we’ll set up the water dish, the food dish and the chickens and show you how to free range, how to grab them, put them back, and how to care for them on a daily basis,” Frankie said.

Rent The Chicken has different rental packages. The basic package runs $400 and includes two hens. Experts say two hens lay around a dozen eggs a week.

If at any point, you decide you no longer want the chickens, the Caseys said they will pick them up. And if you’re worried about getting too attached, the Casey’s said they also offer rent-to-own packages as well.

“If you find after six months you love them and want to keep them you may do so, we do have an adoption package,” Frankie said.

Greenville County allows homeowners up to eight chickens in their backyards, but there are certain restrictions.

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