Medical examiner’s report sheds new details on Alderman Joe Dudzik’s fatal wreck

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- FOX6 News is learning new details about the accident that killed Alderman Joe Dudzik, and hearing from the first person on scene who tried to save the city leader.

"I heard it hit the signs, and I heard the crash," said Trevor Paul, lives near the scene of the accident.

Joe Dudzik

Joe Dudzik

Near 75th and Morgan, a memorial marks the scene of a terrible crash.

"I ran outside, I saw the bike down on the road," said Paul.

It just so happens a paramedic was first on scene. Trevor Paul lives across the street from where the accident happened. He was off duty, from his job for the city of Greenfield.

"I didn't know where the alderman was yet, started getting dispatchers on the line," said Paul.

At the time, Paul did not know the man in the street was his Alderman Joe Dudzik. He did know his condition was serious.

"He had very bad injuries. There was nothing I could do without any equipment to help," said Paul.

A medical examiner's report shedding new details into the fatal wreck.

His wife told investigators, Dudzik spend the evening at the Harley Davidson Museum for their bike night. He called his wife to say it was raining and would take it slow on the way home.

Just blocks from his house, Dudzik ran through newly placed construction barriers and a hole. The bike flipped.

The medical examiner says speed and alcohol were factors.

Dudzik was not wearing a helmet, his blood alcohol level registered a .137 -- well over the legal limit.

His death impacting well outside the city limits.

At the Police Center of Wisconsin, Susan Mikos says the alderman will be remember for his contributions there.

"Always smiling, always with a kind word for everybody," said Susan Mikos, Police Heritage Allliance.

"One of the things about Joe, is if you ever asked him to do something, he'd find a way to get it done," said Jeff Kuderski, Polish Fest Director.

For a man who is best known for his servants heart, this is a tough day for those who knew him, and those who tried to save him.

"It's still hard to imagine, and still hard to believe," said Mikos.

FOX6 News is told speed was a factor. Joe Dudzik was found 75 feet from his motorcycle.

We are told his funeral will be on Wednesday, May 27th.


  • Drunks

    He is no hero and should not be getting so many condelances. He was a drunk driver and Thank God he only killed himself. He is lucky he didn’t kill any children. Sorry for his family, but he made his choice!!!

  • why

    This is a real and tragic reality that WI is a right to drink and drive state. If it was anyone else and not a public figure they would be bashed for their actions. Of course no one wants to hear of a loved one passing away this way. Everyone of us is human and even the best of decision makers make the wrong decision sometimes. My condolences


  • Eric

    I want to send my condolences and thanks to this man and his family. 12/13 years ago while campaigning for his seat, he saved my grandmothers life with the help of my nephew while she was having a medical emergency. RIP Joe. And thank you.

  • Wilson

    Dont you just love how they downplay the fact that his BAC was .137. Any other drunk driver would get blasted for having that level of alcohol in their system. Geez, he called his wife before setting out on his way home. Imagine if he had just asked his wife to come and get him?? Then all these people singing his praises about how wonderful of a person he was but none of them acknowledging that he should never have driven with his high BAC. Thinking this isn’t the first time this guy has driven drunk on his Harley…..

  • mara krutke

    Yes indeed my prayers are with the Dudzik Family, I know his wonderful boys will miss there pops.I know I will miss his smiles at the elections in 2016.He is a great man , mentor,family man,our alderman,friend to all. REGARDLESS OF HOW HE DIED!!! Everyone should mourn this man as our friend, whom helped us dearly in the community.amen.

    • tomas

      Humans err. He made a mistake and paid with his life for it. However, shile serving the city he accomplished many good things. We are grateful for his service and commitment to Milwaukee’s SW side. RIP Ald Dudzik.

      • Wilson

        Tomas don’t be such a fool. This wasn’t a mistake on his part, this was his lifestyle. This surely wasn’t a 1 time thing for this guy. Why would anyone ever get on a harley and ride it after consumming the amount of alcohol he did?? This is not the first time he has ever been drinking and riding his harley or driving his car. He had just been lucky up until this time. The cirizens of Milwaukee are very lucky he didn’t take anybody else out in his selfish drunken last ride….

  • really

    Drunks you are pathetic also and hopefully children aren’t out in the 1030pm …he made a mistake. .yesnhebhad a bal..and he was riding his cycle in the rain….tragic.and no excuse for drinking and driving but so much viciousness…sounds like he did alot more good than bad..keep politics. Out of this

  • Greg Wolak

    I was stunned to learn of Joe’s tragic death. To me, he was the epitome of the southside of Milwaukee’s past – tough, truthful, Polish, caring, got things done, religious, involved with his community, hard working, and a great family man. I never met him personally but he always responded in a straight-forward manner whenever I had a concern about the neighborhood. I appreciated that immensely and appreciated him as a man. Milwaukee lost a very good man in my opinion. Let us look at the good things that he did and not dwell on his mistakes that tragically killed him. After all, we do not have the right to “throw stones” since we are all flawed in one degree or another and I am positive that the things that Joe did far outweighed his errors and mistakes. May the Lord shine His face upon you Joe as you rest in His peace.

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