“Penny War” among students raises thousands for veterans

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RACINE (WITI) -- More than 200,000 pennies. That weighs more than 1,300 pounds and can buy quite a bit. Who collected those coins -- and what were they planning to do with them?

Students at Walden III Middle and High School in Racine are at the center of this story. They held a "Penny War" competition. For nine days straight, the students looked for pennies everywhere -- under couch cushions, on the ground, anywhere.

Once all the coins were tallied, they found out they raised $2,255. All that came from just 525 students.

Half of that sum is going to be donated to The Wounded Warriors Project -- the other half to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. The monies raised will help send World War II veterans to Washington, D.C. -- a trip that costs a pretty penny.

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  • why

    That is Awesome for sure! On another note our government should be ashamed of themselves for having taxpaying citizens fund events like this when they promised them the world and left most jobless and homeless. This event should be bought and payed for forever! Without these men and women I might not be writing this right now! Think for a minute not only this weekend but daily about what freedom really is! I’m calling out the biggest, richest celebrities to stand up and fund these celebrations forever! Without their time and loss you would definitely not be where you are today. Stand up America!

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