Watch: Man picks a fight with an alligator, does not go as planned

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(WITI) — A man seriously underestimates how strong an alligator can be.

In a YouTube video, a man driving a truck slowly inches toward an alligator telling it to move, “hey, watch my truck.” But the man continues to get closer to the gator, which ends up being not a very smart move.

The alligator does some serious damage to the man’s truck, and the video is just 30 seconds long.

Check it out:


  • s holmes

    Alligator 1, truck 0. That must have seemed like a good idea to pick a fight with an animal whos lineage goes back to the dinosaurs.

  • Ubiquitous King

    This would have had a different outcome had this been an American truck prior to the 80’s. The gator only won because today trucks and cars are plastic and fiberglass.

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