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Woman says her dog was attacked in his front yard: “I know this dog wanted to kill him”

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WEST BEND (WITI) -- A West Bend woman and her dog are recovering from injuries from a dog fight in her front yard. She says it started in an instant. This, as the owners of both dogs involved claim their dogs were only acting in self-defense.

"The only thing that went through my mind was, 'he is not going to die,'" Janet Mundt said.Drake's injuries

Mundt's 10-year-old Golden Retriever Drake has a tight bandage around his head. On Sunday, May 24th, Mundt says a neighbor's dog jumped from a passing truck and attacked Drake, biting off a quarter of his ear and biting his chest.

"He didn`t deserve this. The dog had let loose and it was going right for his jugular," Mundt said. "Drake was screaming -- just screaming, and I was screaming."

It happened in Mundt's front yard.

"I literally pulled Drake up and the dog was on top of him," Mundt said.

Witnesses told West Bend police they saw the dog jump out of a moving truck and attack Drake. The responding officer found two people trying to break their dogs apart.

"I did everything. I was kicking the dog -- anything I could think of because this is my baby," Mundt said.

The officer saw blood on the Golden Retriever and Mundt and says the other dog, a two-year-old male Dogo Argentino (a bulldog mix) named Zeus was clamped onto Drake's leg.

When the officer tried to separate the dogs, Drake bit the officer on his hand.

"(Drake) was just so upset. He didn't know what he was doing," Mundt said.Janet Mundt's injuries

Mundt herself needed many stitches for bites she received trying to separate the dogs.

"There's 22 on my left hand, 16 on my middle finger and 14 on my lower," Mundt said.

FOX6 News spoke with the owner of the other dog, Zeus, who said her dog jumped out of the truck to play. She said Drake attacked her dog first.  She also said she was injured by Drake.

Zeus' owner says he has his own injuries, and that he never bit Mundt -- something Mundt disputes.

"I know this dog wanted to kill him," Mundt said.

Mundt says her dog has never been in a fight before.

"He maybe kissed somebody to death, but he never bit anyone," Mundt said.

Drake an Janet MundtDrake is missing an eye due to glaucoma. It is not related to the attack.

Because neither dog has a history of attacks, both are back home under 10-day quarantines.

Police say Zeus' owner was cited for not having a license for the dog.


    • Roro

      Seriously? Pit bulls are easy scapegoats, especially when people haven’t been with one or owned one. I have known many pit bull owners, the difference is that they know how to responsible dog owners.

  • Vicki Mitchell

    The dog was not a pitbull. That said, this woman was in her own yard with her dog. The other dog came onto her property. You should be able to do what you want in your own yard and have your dog out without being attacked. Also, does the other owner frequently allow her dog to jump from her moving vehicle- possibly putting the dog’s life in danger and causing a traffic accident- to “play?” That is insane. If you have your dog in the car, it is your responsibility to KEEP the dog in the vehicle. Common sense, folks. Mundt and Drake were not at fault here AT ALL! They were in their own yard minding their own business. The dog that jumped from the car to get at the Drake was acting in self defense? Sure he was! None of this would have happened if the ignorant driver would keep her dog from escaping the car!

    • DM Jopek

      Vicki you are 100% correct and I hope they give her a stiff fine or pull the dog. She is at fault for all that has happened. She needs to pay all the medical costs for all the damage that came from lack of responsibility on her part.

  • Merritt Clifton

    Fifty thousand dogs per year, including at least 34,250 pit bulls, attack other animals, according to ANIMALS 24-7 analysis of dog attack data from 2013-2014. Of the 82,000 animal victims per year, 59,000 die; 23,000 survive their injuries. Among the dead are 15,500 dogs, 95% of them attacked by pit bulls, and 6,000 hooved animals, 93% of them attacked by pit bulls. Pit bulls also inflict at least 60% of the 29,000 fatal attacks on domestic birds and small mammals, and at least 60% of the 8,250 fatal attacks on cats. About a third of the fatal dog attacks on domestic birds, small mammals, and cats are by dogs who are not caught and identified, so might also include many pit bulls.

    • Roro

      Stastically fatal dog bites, and Pit Bull bites, are insignificant. SUVs injure and kill exponentially more people annually than dogs.
      Also, There is not one documented case of an Pit Bull that was spayed/neutered, family-socialized and not in a pack causing a human death.

    • Roro

      In the past, Pit Bulls were referred to as “nursemaids” or “nurse dogs” because of their gentle, friendly and reliable demeanor with children.

  • Jacq

    The owner with the pick up truck is completely delusional. Your dog ‘just wanted to play’…by jumping out of your truck and clamping onto Drake’s neck and ripping his ear? I hope you pay for all of Drake’s medical treatment and the trouble you put his owners through. Clearly you can’t manage your dog and are a liar to boot….people like you should not own dogs.

  • knor

    Wow… many of you can write a lengthy response railing against pitbulls. Did anyone actually read the.article and notice it was NOT a pitbull? Literacy. It would have kept some of you much calmer.

  • Sharon

    First of all, the dog was not a pitbull. A Dogo Argentino is a breed although not extremely common. This dog’s owner is a disgrace. If your dog is aggressive enough to jump out of a moving vehicle and attack another dog you as the owner are well aware of this. It is your responsibility to contain that dog. Any dog jumping out of a moving vehicle for any reason is not safe. Why didn’t she get a citation for dog at large? Dog owners are responsible for everything their dog does, everywhere, all the time. It’s really that simple. Obviously she has a dog she cannot control. Just FYI, I am a responsible dog owner of a wonderful pitbull who has his canine good citizen, is a certified therapy dog, competes in weightpulling, is training for his first agility competition this fall, hikes with me and gets along with my other dogs and cats. Of course you will never see him, or dogs like him, in the news.

  • WB8117

    West Bend, enough said. Zeus should have stayed in his truck and the owner has an obligation to make sure he does. The owner should get another ticket for stupidity. Aren’t there leash laws up in West Bend, shouldn’t the dog in the truck been tethered to something so he does not jump out. The owner also did not have a license for his dog, this just goes to show you how irresponsible and idiotic this guy is.

  • Nicole Cooper

    I’m so glade Drake is ok!!!!!!!! I have had 4 goldies and to me they are angles on earth. The most gentle, sensitive, and loving creatures (including most humans). It breaks my heart to see what Drake went through. I’m so glad to see Drake has a mommy who deserves and loves him.

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