“Just as visible as blaze orange,” bill would allow hunters to wear blaze pink during gun-deer season

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MADISON (WITI) -- Each fall in Wisconsin, hundreds of thousands of licensed deer hunters head out to the woods. Right now, they all have at least one thing in common – they are wearing blaze orange. But that may not be the case in the future under legislation spearheaded by Rep. Nick Milroy (D-South Range) and proposed by the Wisconsin Sportsmen’s Caucus.

“As an avid outdoorsman and co-chair of the newly formed bipartisan Sportsmen’s Caucus, I try to come up with innovative ways to encourage more people to get involved in outdoor recreation. Earlier this year, I approached my colleagues of the Sportsmen’s Caucus with a simple but unconventional idea: blaze pink hunting apparel," Rep. Milroy said.

blaze pink hunting apparel

“I wanted to explore the possibility of allowing blaze pink hunting clothing as a way to recognize and encourage the increasing number of women who are hunting in Wisconsin. Women outnumber men three to one among new hunters. Before we could move forward, we had to confirm that blaze pink was as safe as blaze orange, and we also wanted to ensure that it wouldn’t make hunters more visible to deer," Rep. Milroy continued.

Rep. Milroy turned to Professor Majid Sarmadi, a renowned color scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology, for answers.

“Professor Sarmadi conducted experiments revealing that to the human eye, blaze pink is just as visible as, or even more visible than, blaze orange. Equally important, Professor Sarmadi concluded that blaze pink is actually more difficult for deer to see than blaze orange, meaning that blaze pink could give hunters an advantage in terms of camouflage," Sarmadi said.

"Our goal is to get more Wisconsinites off the couch and into the woods. If providing more than one color option is safe and effective, government shouldn't stand in the way of what people choose to wear when they're going after whitetails," Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) said.

“While time will tell if adding blaze pink to the allowable clothing for deer hunters will encourage increased interest in hunting among women, we hope that it will signal that we recognize and appreciate female involvement in the deer hunt,” Rep. Milroy concluded.

Beginning Tuesday, May 26th, the blaze pink proposal will be circulated for co-sponsorship within the Legislature with the backing of the Sportsmen’s Caucus.


  • donny

    Kleefisch will probably start selling them now being the crook he is! Little free govt advertising!

  • MB

    if pink is more visible to people and less to deer, change the requirement over to pink completely and get rid of orange. and seriously, what century are you living in. do you really think by simply allowing pink women will come out in droves to hunt? if you want women to hunt, teach them, teach girls. encourage them, accept them when they are interested in hunting.

  • Mr. Bob

    “Our goal is to get more Wisconsinites off the couch and into the woods. If providing more than one color option is safe and effective, government shouldn’t stand in the way of what people choose to wear when they’re going after whitetails,” Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) said.
    Yes I’m quite certain that women who have been non-hunters all of their lives will now suddenly become hunters because they can buy blaze pink camouflage. NOT!!!!! Really?? How stupid are these people??? And Professor Majid Sarmadi is somehow a deer hunting expert who knows all about which color camouflage is more effective???

  • John

    If someone is going to try hunting cause they prefer pink to orange, I don’t want to be in the woods with them. How much money will this take to change all the regulations?
    Pink has a great attribute to cancer already leave it there.
    I’m a Radiation Therapist and totally see the struggles of my cancer patients everyday ,80 % of the community I serve are hunters or farm families. Been talking with them about this topic and not one is for it.
    If you want to continue to grow our sport of hunting ,and people in the woods, try getting rid of the wolves that killed the deer herd in the northern part of the state. Now the DNR wants to have a buck only in 13 countries in the northern part of Wisconsin. Well the wolves caused the herd reduction and you have a lot of hunters that are not traveling to the north to hunt because of it. There is your economic down fall for our small town businesses,
    The problem is environment, look at the Baltimore, Ferguson riots, it’s there environment that creates the problems. Not their Color.
    Please use your time in office doing something that matters.
    Thank you,
    John Neu RTT

  • bhoffman

    Why do lawmakers think think the only thing keeping women from deer hunting is the color of the clothes? Do we really need gender specific hunting clothes and gear.

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