Video shows apparent beating of teens by Kenosha officers, chief says videos don’t tell the whole story

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KENOSHA (WITI) -- Video posted to social media led to a demonstration outside the Kenosha Police Department on Tuesday, May 26th. Some say the video shows two teens being beaten by Kenosha police officers at Lincoln Park on Memorial Day. But Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey says the two videos he's seen don't tell the whole story.

One of the videos being shared online Tuesday after it was posted to Facebook was sent to FOX6 News by a woman who said she is a relative of two teenagers she says can be seen in the video. She claims the video shows the teenagers being beaten. Police dispute that claim, saying those seen being arrested in the video were two adults.

"It was a bad judgement from some cops," Carey Norris, who organized the protest Tuesday said.

On Tuesday evening, a group gathered in protest -- calling on the Kenosha Police Department to fire those involved.

kenosha protest

"My heart sank. My heart sank," Latasha Hogan said. "If that's the kind of law enforcement that Kenosha is allowing to come through their ranks, it makes me feel unsafe."

Hogan says her two sons, ages 15 and 16 were playing at Lincoln Park on Memorial Day with dozens of other kids. Her boys were approached by two Kenosha police officers, who allegedly questioned the teens about a garbage can that had been knocked over.

"He wanted them to pick up a garbage can that he did not knock over," Hogan said.

Police say one teen became disorderly.

"Because he refused, he was arrested for disorderly conduct," Hogan said.

Friends say there was some sort of physical altercation when an officer tried to place handcuffs on one of the teens.

"There were three cops on one kid and five cops on the other kid," Norris said.

While family members claim it is their loved ones in the video, police say the video actually shows two adults who became physical with police after the teens were arrested. Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey says an adult female "jumped" on an officer. A man and a woman were arrested.

"He punched about 10 times. You can see the cop on the left, he punched about 15 times," Norris said.

After the video began circulating online, the recording prompted about 30 Kenosha residents to call for action. A demonstration was held Tuesday evening near the Kenosha Police Department.


"They gotta be fired," Norris said.

"I hope my son never has to deal with that kind of law enforcement ever again," Hogan said.

Kenosha Police Chief John Morrissey tells FOX6 News in a statement the Kenosha Police Department is looking into concerns raised by the videos.

Morrissey says the 44-second video doesn't show the entire incident.

WARNING: The videos you'll see below contain strong language and may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Morrissey says the Kenosha Police Department had received two complaints earlier in the evening on Memorial Day in reference to large fights or people screaming and yelling -- something that has apparently been a frequent complaint in the neighborhood. Officers were told to monitor the area.

Morrissey says he was told a confrontation occurred with an officer over a garbage can and who dumped its contents onto the ground. That's when a teen became disorderly, Morrissey says, and the teen was arrested for disorderly conduct. This arrest appears to be the arrest that was captured in the longer Facebook video. Morrissey says the video was emailed to him indicating that firearms were pointed at the onlookers.

"I do not see any firearms being pointed at anyone, nor was I advised of any of the 22 officers (including detectives and supervisors) that responded to this incident having their firearms out of the holsters," Morrissey says in a statement to FOX6 News.

Morrissey says one of the videos shows an officer turning towards the individuals telling them to stay back, while they are arresting the subject. There is a Taser in his hand, Morrissey says, and you can hear someone in the crowd say “it’s a Taser.”  In a note after the video link, the person indicates firearms were pointed at the onlookers. Morrissey says he doesn't believe that to be true.

He says an adult suspect who was being arrested refused to place his hands behind his back and follow directions from officers, so a Taser was deployed on him for two five-second bursts. Officers still could not gain compliance from the suspect.

Then, Morrissey says officers used "focused strikes" and another five-second Taser burst and the suspect was able to be taken into custody.

"The first person in the longer video (being arrested) I believe is a juvenile and is the initial person who had contact with the officer.  After his arrest and in an attempt to clear (close) the park, I am told an adult female 'jumped' on the back of an officer, when her brother (an adult) was being arrested for obstructing.  She was arrested and is one of the subjects that you see in the 44-second video being arrested.  The other subject is an adult male who is her brother. There were two people arrested and held in jail (the two mentioned above) and there were three juveniles (including the first and second person - shown in the longer video) issued municipal court citations for disorderly conduct and resisting/obstructing officers," Morrissey said in a statement to FOX6 News.

Morrissey says he is told the mother of the juvenile was emotionally upset but complied with officers and that it was others who came or were at the park are the individuals that decided to engage the officers.

Morrissey says officers on scene advised him that there were in excess of 100 people in the area.

The five people -- three juveniles and two adults were arrested or issued citations. The park was then closed for the night.

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  • PackerGr8

    Why not just pick up the can?
    Why not stop resisting?
    Why not teach them to respect the law?
    Protest something REAL like hunger and homelessness, if black lives only matter when police are involved then how much are YOU saying they really matter. Stop feeling oppressed and rise up in a different manner. Police are held to higher standards based on what?…..public per eption! Why not hold yourself to a higher standard to make your voices heard intelligently and articulated. Act right and show someone you’re not part of a stereotype.

      • NH

        Really? How getting these hood rats to act human? Do you go around picking up trash in the hood because people are pigs?

    • Richard

      Be careful Packer, it is a slippery slope to just blindly follow orders. Or are you of the , “if you have nothing to hide, or didn’t do anything wrong, it shouldn’t matter” mentality, even as your 4th Amendment rights are being trampled. What if it was you playing on the court and some officer accuses you of knocking the can over, yet you know you didn’t do it? Would you just say “yes sir” and pick up all the trash? No, I think I would kindly refuse and advise the officer to either arrest me for a crime or leave me alone. Then I would let my attorney handle the rest if I am arrested. You have rights! Don’t surrendered just because you think we should treat cops like Gods! They are human like you and only have man made “powers”. My FTO told me that when you start to think you are better than society, surrender your badge. And the Marines taught me discipline and respect! I don’t expect you to worship me if I am in a uniform. Respect is earned, not given. I’ve noticed with the younger cats in LE that the minute they get that badge pinned on them, they think the world needs to bow to them. They keep that up and eventually they will end up in trouble, fired, charged with a crime or worse. For the record though, the actions taken by these adults was wrong and they will be held accountable. However the initial contact by the officer is what I am most interested in. Was it appropriate?! We’ll see.

    • Scott

      Since I am not a city worker nor the person that knocked over the can, I wouldn’t have appreciated being given a non-lawful order to clean up someones trash either. Being that the cop IS a city employee, perhaps if he felt so strongly about it , He should have picked it up himself. But no, he would rather beat someone up for doing what he didn’t want to do himself. Abuse of Power? I say yes.

    • Mike

      They didn’t pick up the trash can because they didn’t have to. The police can’t arrest them for disorderly for not listening to them. That a violation of civil rights. It’s unfortunate but the police know that the parents of the black youth won’t go after them.

      I tell my children to never speak with the police- under any circumstance unless a lawyer a present. Nothing good will ever come out of talking to them. Luckily for me, as an upper-middle class white male, I have the resources and would not hesitate to go after the police department for violating my rights or those of my children.

  • disgruntled goat

    These people are too stupid to realize the damage their actions are doing to all blacks in the long term.

  • Anonymous

    Lets say they did dump the garbage over its never that serious for police 2 take it that far & if they tazed the man & had around bout 5 officers on him wats the need for them to be throwing punches at em as hard as they could I’m sure they didn’t even need to taze him or punch him & if so that means ur telling me 5 officers can’t arrest 1 man smh cmon now that’s bs despite watever race they where

  • confused101

    if you all would listen to the cops command none these incindents would take place. theres a new generation of thugs out there that they think running drugs and stealing is the way to make money.

    • NH

      The loves this…. Obama endorses this one the media and King Obama doesn’t realize is it hurts the Dems.

  • Wood

    Im not picking up any trash, if i didnt drop it / knock it over… besides why did 22 officers respond….

  • Cleareyes

    This clearly shows that the two people in the video wrestling and arresting arrest on the ground by the basketball court is not the same as the two teens arrested and that the crowd go out of hand. You can hear the rest of the police vehicles approaching after these kids were put in the car and the crowd was out of control. Come on people! We aren’t that stupid to fall for this B.S.!!

  • roadglide

    This entire incident is a true case of ghetto thugs. They are causing problems and are confronted. They feel that they should be able to just over run the park. It’s plain to see that they are resisting. What do you think is going to happen if you are resisting? The neighbors were calling to complain about their disruptions and had every right to. These were not just innocent people hanging out in the park. As with every other case going on around our nation, all these people brought this on themselves. I agree that black lives matter but this is not a case of any “blacks” being disrespected by the officers. This is a case of they were disrupting the neighborhood and disrespecting officers. That is a big part of the problem is that there is no respect for authority!

  • Wow31

    22officers responded because this area is infamous for destruction. Fortunately there are a couple of African American police officers who live near by that the neighborhood responds well to, however, when they are not around its a crime haven.

  • Amber

    Is it that hard to listen to a police officer? So many people here are ignorant. Stop being so disrespectful , if that kid wasnt so hard headed im sure that none of that would have happened , and if you jump onto a police officer of course your gonna get arrested ! You don’t do that. They blame the police officer but it all comes down to their actions. I’ve seen both of the videos that was posted and I said the same thing , that is not showing everything that happened.People need to grow up and start listing to law enforcement. All he had to do was pick up a trash can but knowing marcius, he doesn’t want to listen and gets to angry to fast.

  • Matthew Scerpella

    There is a problem with cops. From their unions which illegally interfere with police reports to statist judges who protect their fellow welfare-fed-by-others-labor brethren. BUT…the other side is with Blacks. They don’t want to be policed and that is a big problem. In reality, police don’t uphold much. People are self policing. Where I live? we don’t really need police for much. Its a civilized area. These black pockets of fatherless socio paths?. they don’t really have the concept, nor seem to want to have the concept of civility. You cant police a group of people who aren’t interested in anything else but nonsense.

  • Lincoln Park Resident

    I am a resident on the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Kenosha and what these videos don’t show is the hundreds of individuals that ran to this park in a matter of minutes and started fighting with each other. Multiple times each summer large fights break out suddenly in the park with individuals converging on the park without any notice. My family was out in the park walking our dogs and enjoying the nice weather when one of these fights broke out on the basketball courts frightening my wife and child. Latasha Hogan say she feels unsafe by the police, I tell her that as a resident in the neighborhood I feel unsafe when these large fights break out. The police would not need to get involved if these fights and the other criminal behavior that takes place on the basketball courts cease to exist. After the two altercations you could here multiple young men running through the neighborhood yelling “GANGS CONTROL THESE STREETS”, but the protesters neglect to give the news stations any of this information. in 2013 there was a shooting on this very same basketball court over a dispute and these events will continue until the basketball courts have been removed.
    There is a petition on asking the City of Kenosha to remove the basketball courts from the park and I ask each person reading my post to sign this petition so we can take back the neighborhood:

  • BilboBeggins

    I’d be willing to bet that cancer cells complain about being picked on by doctors all the time…

  • BilboBeggins

    Just shoot more of these animals and make the streets safer, or do you want to live in Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, etc?

  • Sarah Norton

    I think all those who went to the police department to protest should spend the weekend at Lincoln Park and police their own children. I think they would be very surprised as to what actually goes on at that park. Maybe they can take care of the problem before it becomes a police matter. Lincoln Park is one of the nicest parks in the City and people cannot enjoy it because all the problems that the kids and young adults cause there. The City parks employees have to spend hours there every morning picking up all the garbage that they leave behind and repairing the fencing and playground equipment that is damaged.

    • NH

      Africans aren’t raised to respect family authority or anyone. Give them their entitlements is all they know

  • Jose renegade

    I’m see three police in the top to a teenager so one police can make arrested a teenager come on all police have to send back to police academy to retraining. Forget how treated. People

  • Mike

    Who is right and who is wrong? I wouldn’t want to decide from a small part of one side of the story. Watch the movie “Vantage Point” someday, there’s a lot to be learned from it.
    Once placed under arrest, there is nothing to be gained by fighting and is often the decision that results in someone getting hurt or worse.
    I’m guessing from the comments I’ve read, few if any have ever tried to place handcuffs on someone that doesn’t want them on. If you had, you wouldn’t be trying to guess how many officers it takes to control someone.
    People wouldn’t want to be judged by only a part of the story, but are very quick to judge others with little information.

  • Jessica Balkovich

    KPD is horrible. They still have the billboard they put up to thank the officer who shot an unarmed young man in the back numerous times while that officer is under investigation. These are the dirtiest of dirty cops. No one could pay me to go to Kenosha. The shooting of the Bell boy in the temple in front of his mother & sister is why they need an outside, independent investigation for every KPD shooting. Their officers have testified in court to planting evidence at homicide scenes. Ever see the first Rambo? KPD is worse than those cops; except there’s more of them.

    • lolurdumb

      You are safely uneducated and base your information on twisted facts… Sorry dear but you no less then a dead squirrel! I hope you never truly need a cop bc you talk for sure to not deserve one.. You are most likely a criminal yourself hence your crooked opinion

  • Jojo63rd

    This video is not about gangs blacks or what ever else you ignorant people would like to say the video is plainly about the fact I will say again the fact that the cops were hitting him in the head when he was laying flat on the ground and looked to be in handcuffs already it doesn’t matter that he was black what matters was the sec the cops chose to hit him in the head when he was on the ground in a violation of the law so let me ask all the people on this chat if you knocked down a trash can do you deserve what happened to this kid wake up America

  • Brett bebo

    If anyone out there in comment world spent any time in black neighborhoods you already know how 90 percent of black males act. sorry to the 10 percent of proper black males. I cannot imagine your frustration. it is all over the news.

  • Native pride

    This is a misunderstanding no offense to no one but if the kids were taught rite they would respect their elders no matter what coler they are evrey one always wanna talk bout race start by teaching children not to be like that it all starts at home

  • Nicolas

    If anyone who is supporting the hoops being taken down would get to know the youth and adults that go to the park daily, one thing you would notice is how everyone knows each other in some way shape or form and gets along majority of the time. The issue comes in when young people from Racine, Milwaukee, and Chicago, come to this park with intentions to cause trouble, this has been happening sense I was growing up in the late 90’s and I’m sure was going on before that. So what should be happening is that we treat community like community and get to know who is who so when someone from outside the community comes to start trouble Kpd is there to protect and serve the law abiding citizens the chief mentioned in his statement, it’s been to long and often the community has to protect its self

  • Thinblue

    Look on one hand society expects police to keep things orderly but then get upset when they try to do that. The little things lead to big things. If your mother asked you to do something would you crack off on her, fight with her and then have your brother jump on her back? Then would it be surprising if your father took care of business. Alot of these kids have no respect for anyone. Lets just have the police raise your children .

  • Mel

    They got what they deserved! If you don’t want nothing to happen then obey lawful commands by the police wether they are right or wrong! Black people want to become confrontational every time a officer of the law questions them. The race baiters like Obama, Holder, Farrakhan, and Sharpton have led to this violent lawlessness with their actions.

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