Charged: Mario Granville accused of shooting and killing two, wounding three others

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Mario Granville

Mario Granville

MILWAUKEE — 27-year-old Mario Granville faces multiple charges in connection with a shooting incident near 37th and Nash that happened on Milwaukee’s north side early on Friday, May 1st.

Five people were shot in that incident. Two of them died on the scene — they are 26-year-old Montrell Burdine and 25-year-old Damario Jones. Three others were wounded by the gunfire.

The criminal complaint filed against Granville charges him with two counts of first-degree reckless homicide and three counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety.

According to police, a known suspect, Granville, shot five people during an altercation in the street that stemmed from a family dispute. In the criminal complaint, a witness told police she “could hear the sound of the gun being fired and see the recoil on the gun causing Granville’s arm to move.”

Another witness statement in the complaint says Granville came to her residence, “and while there, Mario was saying that he ‘just had to do it’ and ‘he was disrespecting Mama again, I had to do it to him.”

If convicted, Granville faces up to 60 years in prison.

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  • What!

    60 years? Time to change these light sentences back to the death penalty with 1 year of repeals then see ya.

  • What!

    60 years? Time to change these light sentences back to the death penalty with 1 year of appeals then see ya.


    Once found guilty he should be shot via firing squad with a high caliber bullet that would explode the heart on impact. Make sure it’s televised live so everyone can see. American executions live 7 central 8 eastern. To be fair we can let him free in the middle of the serengeti with a few cheetahs and lions available for entertainment., if he get’s out alive he would be shot anyways…..just a little prelude to his hell anyways.

  • Concerned and clueless

    I am shocked! Only 60 years if convicted of killing 2 people and potentially 3 more (well endangering their safety anyway-and anyone else that could have been around) is incomprehensible! But no, instead they will plea bargain for a guilty plea and he will probably get less than the 60. So he spends his adult years learning how to be institutionalized and how to be a better criminal. Then he can be released as an older man with only those skills and no significant work history. Think he will be rehabilitated? Or will he do whatever it takes to get “back home” and continue being taken care of? So incredibly frustrating.

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