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Teen kills himself after being bullied, heartbroken mother pleads “don’t let anyone be treated like my son”

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NEW YORK — Even the simplest of words can affect teens in a big way. Bullying is an emerging problem among young people and adults every single day.

In a powerful YouTube video posted by Champion of Choices, viewed over 1.3 million times, a mother tells her son’s heartbreaking story.

Daniel was a normal high school kid who “had a soft side of him that was second-to-none for a kid his age,” said Amy Briggs, Daniel’s mother.

Most of his school career, Daniel was bullied. He didn’t fit in with a lot of school crowds, he was interested in hunting and trapping — which wasn’t something most kids in his class were interested in.

Daniel Briggs

The bullying started out as words, and progressed as he got older. Students would throw trash at Daniel, punch him in the stomach, and even made him lick a school bus window.

“They looked for any little thing, just to make his life miserable,” said Amy.

One day, one of Daniel’s bullies sent him a text saying, “Why don’t you take one of your precious guns and do the world a favor and go kill yourself.”

Daniel responded with a text saying “You won’t have to worry about me anymore, I’m going to go home and kill myself.”

The bully texted back: “put up or shut up.”

Daniel told that bully he was going to kill himself, and his confession didn’t stop there. Daniel told numerous people throughout the day he was planning on killing himself– including students in his class, and on the bus.

That same day, after school, Daniel took his own life with one of his shotguns.

Daniel’s mother recounts the days following his suicide, saying several students his age reached out and sent her letters.

“I just wish he knew how much he meant to so many people. He did matter. He does matter. We will never recover from this,” said Amy.

Daniel’s story has gone viral.

“When you know there is someone being bullied. Don’t be a bystander. You are just as guilty as the bullies when you stand by and do nothing,” said Amy.

Watch the video here:


    • Greylyn Cox

      Those bullies shouldnt go to jail no they should be sentenced to a life like Daniels being bullied almost every where he went

  • Michele

    Words can not express my feelings right now. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young angel.

    • rebelrocker

      No, his parents should have bullied back. A few days in jail would be worth teaching those little pukes a lesson

  • Brisls

    The bullies should be made to look at the scene pics so they understand what they’ve done. Those pictures will never leave their minds. Maybe only then will they learn.

    • Sam

      There is a darkness in the world that if you did show those kids, you cannot guarantee they would feel anything. They might just laugh, or spread the pictures online to turn into some “hilarious” new meme to torture the family with. This has happened with numerous deaths where the deceased was posted online for whatever reasons, and the photos with disgusting captions were sent to the parents to harass them.

      • Shawn White (@ShawnWhiteEsq)

        You are right. I find it odd that even when someone has shown how evil the are, people still expect them to behave differently. Serial killers still get asked in interviews if they are sorry, they always give the same answer – they are sorry they got caught.

  • Carly

    This breaks my heart. This poor family. No one should be made to feel as if they don’t matter and I am disgusted by the lack of seriousness his classmates and others who heard took in hearing he would do it. I sincerely hope the wretched human being who texted Daniel those heinous words is charged and put in jail. He deserves to suffer for what he’s caused this family. It shouldn’t be that kids this age only realize how much they’re loved after the fact. They should be reminded and validated like his mother said. Children are so cruel and i can only pray this family finds peace and I could only hope the world takes notice of the effects of bullying. As a teacher myself, I believe school has the opportunity to change the mindset of kids this age. An antibullying lesson should be written until the curriculum. Rest in peace, Daniel.

    • Debbie

      Respect to you! A teacher who truly cares is hard to find. Too many brush off the bullying not wanting to get involved or invest their hearts. Look the other way. I wonder what school dynamics would be like if all teachers had the same compassion.

  • Priscilla

    I have tears in my eyes! This is beyond words. My thoughts are with the family. Hopefully these bullies get what’s coming to them.

  • Karen

    Kids have been bullied throughout the ages. Kids will always taunt. Difference is no one can take,it anymore. Kids today can’t deal with any failure or rejection. No one is allowed to be recognized for accomplishments anymore and human nature is being damped so no ones feelings get hurt.

    • Schmendrick

      The difference is not that kids can’t take it anymore. It’s that when the kid gets fed up and clocks the bully, he’s suspended or expelled in the name of zero tolerance and his chances for college or other higher ed are in the toilet.
      The bullies typically don’t care, they have no interest in their future anyway or they are crafty or connected enough to avoid prosecution.

      • WasBulliedInThePast

        I was bullied when I was in school and you are right about the person who stands up for themselves getting punished. I was severely bullied and at the point of wanting to die. During a gym class I was being bullied and was to the point of “fight or die” in my life where if I didn’t stand up in that moment it was over. I fought back (physically) and walked out of class. The principle was nice and knew why I did it but said the school board wanted me gone because the bully had a parent on the school board (politics). So I left and have always stood up for myself now. I finished high school by mail. This was at a BAPTIST school (private school) by the way and yes it happens there the same as anywhere else and is ignored by teachers the same as anywhere else.

    • Cherry

      You forget what that back those days there were no internet, no smartphones. Now the kids get harassed online and offline. They receive messages to their cellphones, facebook and who knows what other pages the kids use right now. And now bullies take a picture or a video of that kid, write offensive stuff on it and become viral in seconds shared by the entire world. How a kid of 10,13,16 can handle that extend of harassment? Even grown ups cant handle.

  • Sd

    How can we all help this go viral? Rather than all these other story’s about someone’s gender or someone’s new pregnancy! This is what matters this is what matters, the world needs to wake up and realize that this isn’t a joke. This is real and it hits so many of us. This poor boy spoke out and I didn’t see everyone’s social media blowing up.

    • Emillio melendez

      I agree why do kids have guns or get to got shooting ranges in the first place if decide to become president I will make new law where people under the age of 25 can’t own guns people under the age of 20 can’t go to shooting ranges unless you are in Boy Scouts vote reply👍If a good idea 👎🏻too harsh

  • Mary Pat Blanding

    I would like to know if that bully that told him “put up, or shut up” has been identified? To me, that young man is a very guilty party to this sad event! Shame on that school district!

  • Morgan gray

    I don’t know if mrs Briggs will see this but I just wanted to tell her I was like her son I have been bullied for along time mostly because of my weight and because I miss a lot of school for being sick. Even in my family my mom is the the best mother in the world and she made me feel even worse then I did before .and you may have not been able to tell but I was at the point of were Daniel was but I didnt and yet still to this day I am being bullied but at this s point I just let it go . If they call me ugly I say ok and I know I am but already God loves me or if they make. Fun if my weight oh well lol cause I know I’m big and I am trying to change that I’ve lost 7 pant sizes and I’m still going … I just wish I was your sons friend he sounds like a great person and we need more people like him here in the world . And I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I’m praying for you and your family….

    • Amie

      I’m so sorry Morgan! Everyone is beautiful – don’t let those bullies make you believe any different. It breaks my heart to hear about your struggle. I can’t imagine someone bullying my child and then as a mother not being there for my child after the fact. Weight is such a small factor in the make up of the person that you are. You sound like an incredibly kind, mature and thoughtful young lady. You are strong, Morgan. Hang in there!! In a few more years you can say see ya to them all :)

  • Jessica

    I really wish I could have lived next to him when he was alive. I wish to have been his best friend. I wouldn’t mind giving up my future to let him stay, and make him happy. I know I live far, but I just can’t get this out of my mind..

  • Kylie

    Poor Daniel he does matter to all us and that bully that said those words to that poor should noticed what he did he made him more miserable and that poor boy should know that he does matter and that kid is awesome to me and ya he may be different but no one should bully him because he is different .

  • Ashlyn

    If everyone in the world said 1 nice thing to someone. No one would be sad. If I could find that bully I would punch him square in the nose. Cause Daniel sounds like an amazing and handsome kid. Heck I wish I had gone to his school so I could be his friend. And I’d stick up for him. People are so cruel. Its a sad world we live in. May he rest in peace.

  • Priy

    I didn’t know this case yet. But i’m really shocked to hear this. Can’t express how bad i’m feeling for daniel and his family bcoz they have lost thier son at a very young age…

  • Terry L

    I hope the bully who sent the text will get Jail forever!!!Being a teen is a hard enough, and you also get these stupid punks destroying other kids mentally. The bully’s parent is probably the problem too. Sad!! My condolence to your family.

  • Ben thurr

    Kids need to see that there’s a life past high school. In my inner city high school I was one of 3 white males in my grade. Getting bullied was a regular occurance. I would just count down the days until I didn’t have to be there any more. I know most kids don’t have the foresight for this but 4 years of torture is worth the great life you can live after that never having to see those kids again. That was the motivation that got me through it. Also learning to fight doesn’t hurt, but from what you all are saying there’s much harsher punishments now. I know I was suspended for fighting several times and it didn’t affect my ability to get a full ride to a state school. Now I’m not saying that the school and the bullys are not huge contributors to this issue. But I do disagree that everyone needs constant validation.

  • Frank Sands

    This boy should have the “blocked the phone numbers” from the kids who bullied him. I don’t know why or how these bullies “got Daniel’s phone number” to begin with, but this suicide could have been prevented by something as simple as blocking phone numbers from the unsavory individual (s) who goaded him to commit suicide. The same technology that often save lives (cell phones) can also be used to harass people into offing themselves. I wonder how the bully and all of Daniel’s other tormentors feel “now” knowing that they pushed him to end his life. That’s a hell of a heavy burden for these kids to bear for the rest of their lives.

  • Tina

    I use to be bullied. all the time,I know how hard it can be,because,I’m. also disabled,and I was in a special class,beaing made fun of ,and beaing bullied,But I do know this much, there is more to life,then to end it,God loves everyone of us,he pute you here for a purpose,and he doesn’t. want you to end the life he gave you,its not worth it,please talk to someone,don’t. end your life,you will go through hard times,stay strong and hang in there.

  • Just honest

    I’m sorry but the boy killed himself because he had issues. How many times have people got tired of people’s bs? It’s not good to tell someone to kill themselves but nobody is to blame unless they pulled the trigger. The boy would have done it sooner or later.

  • Lynda D. Center, R.N.

    Amy Briggs, I just watched the video about your son, Daniel, being bullied, and as result he took is life because of it. I can’t stop crying over what happened to your son. It’s absolutely terrible!! Bullying has got to be STOPPED!! My sincere condolences to you, and the rest of your family. Daniel sounds like he was such a wonderful person. He lives on in our hearts. May he R.I.P. Lynda Center, Boston, Massachusetts.

  • chasity

    there is a kid in my school who makes fun of peoples athnicity. I don’t think he realizes how much it offends people even if he isnt meaning to. it is verbal abuse and i stood up to him during class and told him how i felt but i don’t think he got the message…what should I do?

  • giomi

    Hi if any teenage need my advise how to stand up for their self they can ask me I’m professional in stronger teenage mental so they can stand up for their self,you can gmail me at or throught my Facebook aiman giomi Aiman.thnk you with my ability I’m be able help you teenage stand up and make your mental stronger so any mean word can’t hurt you.

  • Eleanor

    I just watched the video after discovering it and I’m still crying… I’ve been bullied when I was younger but what they have done and said to him it’s just..that’s just horrific. They’re monsters.
    That’s just heartbreaking…
    Thoughts and prayers from France.

  • highhat630

    I am bullied as well and I have been kicked out of a door and bullied to the point that i have bled. I was bullied today and I need people to know that this should be a thing: #TakeAStand or #SuicideIsNotAnOption

  • Kyros Wolf

    I am researching/writing a report/speech about this incident. I have been researching for quite a while now and I have not found any information on what happened to the bully who sent Daniel the last message. Is the information available to what happened to the bully/bullies?

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