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“The problem is becoming so prevalent:” MPD examines the war against drugs creeping into the city

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MILWAUKEE -- We've heard about the rise in heroin use in the suburbs. In fact, drug related deaths now outpace traffic fatalities in Waukesha County -- but the number of overdoses is also rising in the city of Milwaukee.

It's a problem that has crept into Milwaukee's near west side and shows no signs of slowing down.

During a monthly crime and safety meeting at Milwaukee Police District 3 Headquarters, officials share statistics, both good and bad.

Calls for service in District 3 have dropped double digits. Police say that's a step in the right direction in the war against crime.

The war against drugs, however, is perhaps more difficult.

"The problem is becoming so prevalent," said Dave Wahl, volunteer.

In just the first six months of the year, there have been 60 overdoses reported in the city of Milwaukee. Most of them are heroin related.

Officials say a large portion of the heroin purchased on the streets can be traced back to District 3.

Volunteer Dave Wahl is looking to change that. He's with the group Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Since 2007, he's handed out more than 15,000 pamphlets, telling teenagers 'the truth about drugs.'

"Block watch meetings, and festivals and basically National Night Out and handing out the booklet," said Wahl.

Wahl hopes by targeting kids at an early age, they will understand the truth. He says drugs are just about someone else taking advantage of you.

"They are profiting from you becoming addicted to that substance. It's letting the children know, that's not normal. You don't have to get high to live life," said Wahl.

Wahl will also have a presence at the National Night Out Against Crime in August. His fellow volunteers will be in both District 2 and 3 that night.

He's also proposing 'junior neighborhood watch groups' for kids, to try and get them invested in their community.


  • kayla

    Let them kill themselves with drugs maybe more of the gang members and criminals will disappear and we’ll have a safer environment for the innocent people.

  • sylvia

    Our country’s drug problem will never be fixed considering our government is allowing the drugs to come in. Drugs and crime are too big a business and create too much money for our officials for them to be interested in eradicating the problem.. People don’t mind when its in the black community however when it spills to other communities its a problem… Welcome to our world.. The world where nothing gets fixed and no one helps.. they just make it worse..

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