Woman stabbed in eye with fork after fight over last rib at barbecue

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MUNCIE, Ind. -- An Indiana woman was hospitalized and another woman arrested following a fight over the last rib at a backyard barbecue.

The fight broke out at a home on North Turner Street in Muncie, Indiana on Sunday night, according to WXIN.

Officers got a call referencing a stabbing around 7 p.m. According to a police report obtained by the Muncie Star Press, a woman told police she had been stabbed in the eye with a fork by Sabrina Davis, a family friend.

"She was upset that Davis was taking the last rib from the kitchen," an officer said in the report. "(She) then confronted Davis about taking all the food."

During the confrontation, the victim said Davis was using a fork to take meat from a pan when she turned and used the fork to stab her in the eye. The victim was taken to the hospital for lacerations and a swollen eye and later released.

Davis told officers she was acting in self-defense after the victim pulled out a knife during the argument.

"Davis states she stabbed (the victim) in the eye so she wouldn't stab her with the knife," the officer said.

The story quickly became the talk of the town and was featured on the front page of the local newspaper on Wednesday. A neighbor told WXIN she went to buy a newspaper so she could see it herself.

"I usually get the paper to read it but today was special, so I thought I’d go out and buy one," the neighbor said.

A woman at the house where the fight happened called it embarrassing and neighbors said the entire ordeal was unfortunate.

"It was just so ridiculous. ... Barbecue’s good and all that, but it’s not worth sticking somebody in the eye with a fork, you know?" a neighbor said.


  • Wilson

    Don’t you just love this??? You eat the last rib and you get stabbed in the eye!! For example, a passage in Leviticus states, “And a man who inflicts an injury upon his fellow man just as he did, so shall be done to him [namely,] fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Just as he inflicted an injury upon a person, so shall it be inflicted upon him.” (Lev. 24:19–21).
    Well these animals aren’t actually following Leviticus. This is more like “your eye for the last rib!!!!”

  • BigPoppa

    That woman should have known better than to get in between that gorrila and the last rib. She’s lucky she didn’t lose a few fingers from that heffer chomping away at it. That’s the way the jungle is though. She should be glad she didn’t get shot over it. Although that apes fat fingers probably couldn’t operate a firearm anyway. Great story.

  • Sammich Olioso

    I bet people in poor countries like Ehthiopia don’t do this bs….FAT AMERICANS are so spoiled.

  • really

    This is the mentality of these immoral people who just don’t care….or know.how to behave..raised poorly by their families.no pride.or respect…

  • Bob

    I’m sure they don’t even know the best wine for a barbecue is a frozen rosé wine !!!
    Peasants !!

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