“They don’t need this:” High-risk sex offenders now live next door to 11-year-old twins dealing with tragedy

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DODGE COUNTY -- It is a small town, but some who live there now have big concerns. Two high-risk sex offenders have moved into the Dodge County community of Brownsville. This, despite a grassroots effort to stop this from happening.

This is about more than neighbors not wanting the men nearby. Children who live next door to these sex offenders are already trying to cope with tragedy.

Robert Larson

Robert Larson

These men were patients at the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston -- a facility that provides specialized treatment services for persons committed under Wisconsin's sexually violent persons law, Chapter 980.

They are now living in Brownsville -- next door to 11-year-old twins. The twins lost their mother a few years ago following a brain aneurysm. Their grandmother is not happy to learn these men have moved in.

"The release of these two hoodlums, thugs, whatever..." Mary Wondra said.

Wondra says she'll come to her grandchildren's home every day to make sure they get off the school bus and into their home safely.

Why? Because there are now sex offenders living next door. And not just any sex offenders. According to leaflets issued by the Dodge County Sheriff's Office, the man are high-risk after being released from Sand Ridge.

Robert Larson was convicted of first degree sexual assault in 1994, involving a 10-year-old girl and a woman, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller

The man now living with him, Jonathan Miller, was convicted of sexually assaulting five-year-old and seven-year-old girls in 2002.

A FOX6 camera captured move-in day for the men on Monday, June 1st.

Wondra says she worries for her grandchildren who lost their mother when they were just eight years old.

"Children who, like I said, experienced enough trauma in their young lives. They don't need this. They are terrified. The children are going to have a sense of fear and anxiety," Wondra said.

"It will affect their relationships and schoolwork probably. It's just another layer of stress on this family," Cheryl Edwards, the children's grandmother said.

Two years ago, FOX6 News investigated a Fond du Lac lawyer, Kirk Everson, whom a state official admitted they work with. The state official at that time said when they have to place offenders, they search for homes and contact Everson to purchase the home. The state then rents the homes from Everson.

Neighbors and the Dodge County Sheriff's Office say that's what happened in this case.

Rent is more than $1,900 a month.

Sex offender home Brownsville

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office is taking this case seriously -- asking for help in advance should something happen.

"Which includes the State Patrol, Brownsville Police Department, Lomira, Mayvile Police Department and Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office should something happen," Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt said.

Sheriff Schmidt says there will be extra patrols near where the men are living. Additionally, he has arranged for opaque window coverings to be installed on the windows facing the children's home.

FOX6's call to Everson, who owns the home, wasn't immediately returned.

A state official emailed FOX6 News saying due to confidentiality, she cannot answer questions about the sex offenders.

These men are on GPS monitoring, and are not allowed outside without a chaperone.


  • Notaxmoney

    Castrate these 2 problem solved or better yet instate the death penalty for these sick no good pedos

  • Mama Bear

    The public will never be ok with these monsters next to our children..NEVER, not in ANY county! They need to build them a huge apartment building in the middle of nowhere away from everybody and everything! It would be worth the extra taxes to get them far away..they are tainted and can never be trusted around our children.

    • ach

      Jonathon Miller has been sexually assaulting young girls a lot longer than it is reported. I have a family member that he did it to in 1999!

  • Lazandra

    Why do the innocent citizens have to pay the price for these disgusting beings? The poor children in the neighborhoods are forced to stay indoors in fear of what these animals might do to them. Has the system ever considered that? How unhealthy it is for children to grow up in this fear and lack of safe environment. Shame on those who allowed this.

  • Jim Duncan

    $1900 a month rent? Are you kidding? And WHO pays for it? Aren’t allowed outside without a chaperone? WHO pays for that? Put these men a cage next to the monkeys at the zoo.

    • selfentitled

      This is their state funded (tax payer funded) timeshare vacation away from jail. They will take turns raping each other until their GPS bracelets come off, this isnt the last we’ve heard of these two i bet…


    If you prey on the weakest members of our society like these two, the ONLY solution is death. No rehab, no work release, no life in prison, nothing. The moment that guilty verdict is reached they should be led to a basement, shot, their body incinerated, and all their assets should be divided among the victims and their families. Same goes for the thugs that kill kids in gangland crossfire and degenerate moms that get drunk/high and rollover and smother their babies.

  • oncefallendotcom

    “They are now living in Brownsville — next door to 11-year-old twins. The twins lost their mother a few years ago following a brain aneurysm.”

    Sounds to me like the brats need to grow up.

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