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Charged: Woman accused of stealing from, injuring elderly man who gave her $20 for “baby formula”

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RACINE — A Racine woman is facing several charges — accused of stealing from and pushing down an 83-year-old man who gave her $20 she claimed to have needed for baby formula, and stealing money from an unlocked home police say she entered without consent.

Tiffany Boone

Tiffany Boone

The accused is 31-year-old Tiffany Boone. She is facing the following charges:

  • robbery with use of force (repeater)
  • aggravated battery against an elderly person (repeater)
  • misdemeanor bail jumping (repeater) — two counts
  • burglary (person lawfully present in the enclosure, repeater)

Police say Boone was out on misdemeanor bond at the time of this incident. A condition of that bond was that she commit no further crimes.

On May 30th, police were called to the 1300 block of Grand Avenue in Racine for a report of abuse of an elderly man, as well as a robbery.

Police spoke with an 83-year-old man, who said a woman he had never seen before had knocked at his door and asked for money to buy baby formula. The man told police he gave the woman $20.

The man said the woman came back 30 to 45 minutes later, asking for more money, and he refused to give her more. She came back later for the third time — banging on his back door.

The man told police he let the woman into his home so they could talk. The man said the woman became “loud and aggressive” as she demanded more money from him. The man told the woman repeatedly to leave — threatening to call the police, but he told police she refused. When the man took his cell phone out to call police, he says the woman shoved him.

After she shoved him, the complaint indicates the woman picked the man up by his legs — which caused him to fall.

The man told police he fell to the floor head-first, and his head hit the floor.

The man says then, the woman pulled his pants down below his knees and searched his pockets. The woman removed his wallet from his pocket, and took $80 in cash from the wallet — throwing it on the floor, the complaint says.

The woman then fled the home.

The 83-year-old man was able to identify the woman responsible as Boone via a photo lineup.

Police interviewed Boone, and she admitted to going to the man’s home and that she got $20 from him. She told police she used the money to buy cigarettes and a bag of marijuana. Boone told police she had “no idea” how the man got injured, and denied any further interactions with him after she received the $20.

Later, Boone told police she was a prostitute, and during the course of an encounter with the man, she pushed him down and grabbed $45 out of his wallet before fleeing the home.

In a separate incident, on May 23rd, police were dispatched to the 1200 block of Schiller Street. There, they spoke with a person who indicated Boone had come into their home without knocking — asking to speak with a parent. When the father came into the room, Boone was gone, and $600 had been taken from the father’s wallet.

Boone admitted to police she had gone to the home on Schiller Street on “several occasions,” and had borrowed money from the home. This, after Boone initially denied ever being in the home.

Boone denied stealing $600 from the home.

Boone has a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 10th in this case.


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