“It’s very sad:” Man out walking his dog struck by school bus and killed

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MILWAUKEE -- A tragic situation during the morning commute to school Thursday morning, June 4th. A man has died after being hit by a school bus while out walking his dog. The man has been identified as 69-year-old Paul Illemann of Milwaukee.

Fatal crash involving school bus

Police say Illemann was hit by the bus while trying to cross the street near the southbound on-ramp of Highway 41 on Wisconsin Avenue near 46th Street.

Milwaukee County Sheriff's officials say Illemann and his dog were killed.

"It's tragic. It's very sad," D'Amato Werlein said.

"I knew him by face and saw him every day. Walked his dog right through Woodlawn here," Johny Magyar said.

Neighbors were shocked by the news. Even though many didn't know the man's name, they could picture his face and many fond conversations.

Fatal crash involving school bus

"A lot of us were in tears. It's hard. It`s a neighbor. It's someone in the neighborhood that you see on a  regular basis. and it could be anyone of us, so it's tough," Deena Noblot said.

Milwaukee Public Schools officials have confirmed the bus was one they contract. We're told 12 students from kindergarten through fifth-grade were on the bus at the time of the incident. They say they have staff available to talk to the students that were on the bus if needed.

Fatal crash involving school bus

"I mean, they had to feel the bump I would assume. It's going to be tough for those parents and those kids," Noblot said.

An autopsy on Illemann is scheduled for Friday.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is assisting the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office with this investigation.

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  • Niki

    Not surprised, I live on South 16th Street near Wilson park, which is kind of a busy street but not real busy. The fastest speeders are most often the school buses! I don’t even let my kids play in the front yard.

  • 2 cans short

    will the bus driver be tested as well? He/she should be since there was an injury(and in this case a fatality) involving mass transit and a cdl.

  • Jane

    busses should be monitored more, i live on the southside of milwaukee and they drive just like all the other ignorant stupid thugs that live here! Theyre not safe for transporting kids!

  • Michelle M Rick

    Paul Illemann was my former landlord & one of the kindest men you would ever want to meet. He was a soft spoken man who always had a smile on his face & a helping hand to anyone who ever needed it.. Such a huge loss.. My heart goes out to his family & they all will be on our thoughts & prayers during this most difficult time

  • Nic Clark

    School bus drivers, allot I should say drive like complete idiots. They beat the busses with the pedal to the metal. I was almost killed by one it was a huge van with many small kids in it. The woman driving had to be going at least 65 in a 35. She took out 3 mail boxes several poles 60 feet of chain link fence then swerved away and crossed 4 lanes with boulevard over the curbs then thru another commercial chain link fence and going up a hill at least a hundred feet before stopping. We went to the bus and the super visor arrived really quick and basically covered it up. The fences and things took forever to finally be fixed. Look at the house on Mill rd that the bus hit not to mention taking out several cars too. The house is still not fixed.
    Now the reckless driver kills someone and all they could say I didn’t see him. You are driving now pay attention. Thats what I have to say about most drivers “PAY ATTENTION” you are in a hunk of steel moving at a high rate of speed. Are you “TRYING TO CAUSE AND ACCIDENT” because the way you are driving you will.
    Definitely, at least charge this driver with Manslaughter.

  • Reagan 84

    Bussing was the dumbest ideas Milwaukee ever had. The very last “great” Police Chief Harold Breier knew it back in the 70’s already.

  • El gato

    Many school bus drivers should not be driving! They speed and ignore rules of the road. You need to observe how your driver drives if you’re putting your kids in their hands. Remember there are no seat belts on the buses!

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