Charged: Two accused in connection with death of three-year-old Aiden Archer

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MILWAUKEE -- Two people from Milwaukee are now charged in connection with the death of three-year-old Aiden Archer. The accused are 27-year-old Maurice Snyder and 24-year-old Megan Scott.

Maurice Snyder

Maurice Snyder

Snyder faces multiple charges including one count of physical abuse of a child (intentional causation of great bodily harm), one count of child neglect (great bodily harm), 11 counts of physical abuse of a child (intentional causation of bodily harm) and one count of obstructing an officer. Scott faces one count of failure to act to prevent bodily harm to a child.

According to the criminal complaint, police were called to a residence shared by Scott and Snyder near 54th and Euclid late on Monday, June 1st. They were investigating a case of an injured child. When they arrived, they found three-year-old Aiden Archer "unresponsive and not breathing." Archer was attended to by emergency personnel and "conveyed to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin" where he later died.

The complaint indicates a team of medical professionals at Children's Hospital admitted and treated Archer who was diagnosed with injuries including head trauma, a skull fracture, multiple bruises, at least eleven distinct human bite injuries and a cut to the back of the head.

Prosecutors say Snyder originally gave police a fake name -- and told them the boy fell over a toy. But what really happened was nothing like that -- according to the criminal complaint.

Earlier in the day, Aiden's father dropped the boy off at the home -- and he appeared in good health. But later that changed.

Megan Scott

Megan Scott

The complaint indicates when police talked with Scott, she told officers she fed the child around 11 a.m. and then returned to a bedroom where Snyder was seated. The complaint says when Scott got up to get her cigarettes, she "heard a sound as if (Snyder) kicked Aiden Archer." The complaint says "Megan Scott asked the defendant why the defendant kicked Aiden Archer, to which the defendant responded, 'Sorry buddy.'"

The complaint indicates around 3 p.m. that same day, "while Megan Scott was in the shower, she heard a large boom followed by Aiden Archer crying." She jumped out of the shower and entered the bedroom where she saw Snyder and the child. "The defendant was holding his hand and complaining of pain," the complaint says. When Scott asked what happened, Snyder allegedly claimed the child "was crying and attempting to go into the shower." In his attempt to prevent the child from going to the shower, Snyder "claimed that he struck his hand on a dresser."

Another woman living with Scott told her to take the boy to the hospital after she noticed Aiden moving slowly with a large bruise on his forehead -- and what appeared to be strangulation marks on the boy's neck. Instead, the complaint says Scott left the house to charge her cell phone before leaving Aiden in Snyder's care.

An autopsy on Aiden Archer is scheduled to be complete on Saturday, June 6th. Officials at the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office anticipate filing an amended charge of first-degree intentional homicide against Snyder "once the cause and manner of death for Aiden Archer has been confirmed."

Archer's organs were donated to help others.


  • Tiffany F.

    Good people get their kids taken away for no reason in this state sometimes but scum like this get to keep their kids until they die…great going bmcw!!!!!

    • NO Trolley

      Amen Tiffany!! How many MORE innocent children will die because the BMCW is good for sh*t? These 2 POS should be tortured and executed,don’t bother with the courts.

      • Wilson

        You are an idiot too no trolley. Again since this all occurred the same day there is no way for authorities to follow a pattern of abuse. You too must have had your children taken away from you because you are a loser as well. Now get your head out of your *ss and open your eyes and embrace reality,YOU ARE A LOSER!!!

    • Wilson

      Tiffany your comment is without merit. Good people do not get their children taken away from them. Only bad people like you get their children taken away from them. How would you expect authorities to have intervened when this all happened within the same day?? How would anybody know it was even going on? The so-called mother is the one who allowed her wonderful boyfriend to kill this child. And then when she knew he was badly hurt had to go somewhere else to charge her cell phone before seeking medical care for her child?? Don’t be an idiot all your life…

      • TeJay

        Um actually as foster parents, we KNOW, good parents do get their children taken from them everyday! The government likes to do studies and experiment on children in their “custody”. FACT!

      • Melissa

        This breaks my heart that mom should rot in hell along with the boyfriend or father that pisses me off. If it was my child I sure as hell would not have left to go charge my phone or left the child with the man I would have taken my child and gotten help right away. What is wrong with these parents these days, these women stay with these guys that are abusive and they allow it to happen instead of getting away from it then they get pregnant or already have children and they subject the kids to it all because they love the man. Honestly I would be gone LONG GONE!!! Expecially when it would come to my children. Parent are suppose to protect their children. just makes me sick to think she allowed this to happen.

    • Michelle

      How funny you complain about “good people.”. If CPS took her child before this, you’d say she was one of those good people. CPS can’t win with people like you! This monster mom and others like her need their kids taken.

  • Renee Ellis

    Charge her with murder to, she could have taken her child away from the home along time ago. She was never a mother to that child. Sick piece of garbage. I hope they put her away to.

  • Connie. E Walker

    They should give the adults life for what you they did to this child. Make a point to other parents that they can’t tolerate this happening to our children, without being punished.

  • KIM

    MOTHERS!!!!! LISTEN UP!! PROTECT your children from harm!!! This is your FIRST DUTY. Once you have a child, that child is YOUR PRIORITY – NOT BOYFRIENDS, not your love life! I am so mad, sad, disgusted…. I want to scream, cry and pray. Nothing will help this child now. Mothers — Don’t let this situation be yours one day. You build yourself up and build your child up. You’re a mom?? That’s YOUR JOB!

  • Wilson

    Look the mother up on CCAP. She is a low life loser who moved down from the north woods to find her true love. She will be locked up too hopefully!!

  • Ohkaykaykay

    You are an idot. Didnt you read a couple weekes ago about the 2 WHITE parents who locked their autistic daughter in the basement. Yeah, race is a non factor. There are low lifes in every race including whites.

    • tj

      But in kilwaukee it’s the black community making the news every day because they are violent animals.

  • Count Yob

    What a horrible shame this woman shacked-up with such a monster and left her innocent young son in his brutal hands.

  • qwkinuf

    POS low-life scum-bag child killers. Ship them out to the middle of the Atlantic and drop them over-board. Threat removed, justice served, case closed.

  • kristin

    I was charged with retail theft over 10 years ago when I was 17, and got a class g felony. This lady knowingly let her child suffer until he died, and is being charged with a class h felony. Apparently retail theft is a greater crime in wisconsin…?

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