What will it take to make a new Milwaukee Bucks arena plan a reality?

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MILWAUKEE -- The Common Council is just one of the groups who will vote to fork out money to pay for a new Bucks arena. State lawmakers are still split over how to vote on their share.  Meanwhile, the County Board will have its say on some of the land involved.

The County Board has no say in the proposed share of the county funding but it will decide whether the Bucks' owners can buy the vacant Park East land for $1. Meanwhile, the debate continues among senate republicans in Madison over whether arena funding should be voted on as part of the state budget.

During Thursday's arena deal announcement at the Wisconsin State Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, made clear there are still questions as to which lawmakers would vote for the arena plan if it were its own bill or as amendment to the budget.

"I don't really have a handle yet on where the support is and I think that'll take a while, we'll have to talk about it. Now that it's kind of out on the street, I think people can get a feel for what they support and what they have concerns about," said Fitzgerald.

Senate President Mary Lazich told FOX6 News she still wants the arena out of the budget all together.

Senator Alberta Darling, co-chair of the budget-writing joint finance committee, says GOP senators are very much split on the issue.

"I am highly skeptical and I think the county's getting a raw deal here," said Milwaukee County Supervisor, Patricia Jursik.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee County Board will vote on the proposed sale of four blocks of Park East land. That property has been vacant for more than ten years and under the arena proposal, the land would be used for a new Bucks practice facility, new apartments, offices, retail, and parking.

The county's economic development director recommends the board approve selling the four blocks for $1 because of the costs associated with testing and preparing the land -- which still has freeway pillars buried underground.

Supervisor Patricia Jursik says she supports a new arena but wonders if this proposed sale next to the arena site is the best deal for the county.

"I mean, perhaps we could develops part of the Park East and sell part of the Park East from the county offset some of those property tax dollars -- but that's not part of the discussion here. I have some real questions," said Jursik.

The full County Board will hear a full presentation on the proposed Park East sale Tuesday afternoon, June 9th. Later on that evening, the board will host a public hearing on the arena deal at the war memorial.


  • sick and tired

    This is a waste of my money. I am still paying taxes on a brewers stadium that I have yet to go to and get no ticket discount on. Now I have to pay taxes on another stadium that I really don’t care to go to. If they want a new stadium that Milwaukee yet benefits from why don’t they pay for it. I already struggle with everyone wanting money to do their jobs like electric company wanting money to collect money, DMV wanting counter fees and so on. We never got our taxes dropped from the last stadium like we were originally told. What’s next the badgers demanding a new stadium too on tax payers dollars. I am sick of all these taxes and already started looking into moving out of this state. I know I am not the only one sick of these taxes. If they want things right they should have done a stadium for everyone from the beginning with only one tax. What about taking the tax they never stopped from the first one and use that for the next one. I am out of hard earned money to throw away for useless things like this. I would rather put money towards my kids instead of taxes.

    • Milwaukee Proud

      Sick and Tired..If you actually read anything on this deal you would realize that your taxes are not going up. It will actually cost the state, county, and city more if no deal goes through. Not to mention all the ancillary benefits the city receives for having this arena built. According to your plan, we would keep a tax going vs. no tax at all. So your proposal is actually costing us more then the real deal. The only thing I am “sick and tired” of is people arguing and complaining for things that truly benefit the city, region, and state. This deal is a win on all levels by the player taxes and owners investing money without our taxes going up. Unfortunately, people still feel the need to argue and complain about something. This type of thinking will only hurt us in the long run.

    • LOL

      You are looking at moving out of State? You should probably make sure that you don’t live anywhere close to a large city. Many large cities have much higher taxes than Milwaukee, because they actually fund projects that move their city forward. Keep that in mind when you price out your move. Oh and I wish you best in your future endeavors.

    • what?

      I can’t believe people like you. The brewers are great for the city of milwaukee. Your just a person who complains to complain. Look into that miller park tax. There is no chance that you even noticed the tiny amount you paid. And this is different. I cant stand the nba and haven’t been to a game in years, but this is a great thing for wisconsin and the city of milwaukee. The city needs some type attraction to it. I want to see to watch milwaukee grow and prosper. You should move to north dakota or montana or something. Sounds more your pace.

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