“We will not stand back:” MPS parents and teachers fight against failing school takeover proposal

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MILWAUKEE -- Republicans have a plan to help fix Milwaukee's failing schools. It's not going over well with some of the parents and teachers who attend them.

"Hey ho hey ho, the takeover has got to go," protesters chanted during protests on Friday, June 5th.

The chanting, the walking, Milwaukee Public Schools backers say the fight is far from over.

"I am a student here to say that North Division is here to stay," said Martinez Milton, MPS junior student.

But if the 'Opportunity Schools Partnership Program,' a republican-backed proposal passes -- North Division High School is one of the several Milwaukee Public Schools that will be converted to independent charter schools overseen by the Milwaukee County Executive.

"That's ridiculous. We live allegedly in a democracy," said Bob Peterson, President of the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association.

"Instead of some outside people come and saying we will impose this upon you will say we make the decisions come talk to us," said Kim Schroeder, President of the Milwaukee Teacher Association.

Students and teachers held signs saying "Defend Democracy, Protect our Public Schools," with a circle and a line through the words "Take Over."

"Our message is clear, no takeover. Take your hands off MPS, support MPS, we want to help improve MPS -- don't abandon and privatize MPS," said Peterson.

Under the GOP proposal, many of the schools targeted have more than 90% of children not reading on grade level and less than three out of four attend school regularly.

"It is Milwaukee rising up and saying don't impose things upon us, we will figure it out," said Schroeder.

This is one of many protests across the city of Milwaukee this week in what organizers are calling a 'week of action.'

"We will not stand back and let you put your hands on what our children's future are in this state," said Reverend Willie Brisco, MPS supporter.

The MPS supporters delivered petitions and signatures of nearly 6,000 people to state Senator Alberta Darling's office Thursday, June 4th.


    • Martinez

      Your comment shows your lack of care for anything worth fighting for in Milwaukee. This union us not “worthless” your worthless and your state of mind!

  • Notaxmoney

    The parents must have went to the same failed schools. It’s not working people time for change and hope the union gets out of education.

  • TJ

    Once again it takes a proposed change to get the Dems fighting about something. Where have you been leading up to this decision. It’s clear the ones proposing the change are the only ones that actually care about making things better. It the Dems did care we wouldn’t be in the situation to begin with… Dems tin of thought is just leave us alone then bail us out when we fail because the failure is not really our fault anyway.. It’s yours.. So sick of this lack of accountability..
    Solution… Make the proposed changes or fire the teaches in the failing schools and hire new teachers that will actually teach something.

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