“He lived life fully:” Bicyclists struck and killed in Muskego were best friends, training for an Iron Man

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MUSKEGO -- A 20-year-old South Milwaukee man is facing homicide charges, accused of hitting two bicyclists when he was driving on State Highway 36 in Muskego early Saturday morning, June 6th. Both bicyclists were killed.

The bicyclists who were killed have been identified as 45-year-old Paul Brown of Franklin and 54-year-old Anthony Oliver of Oak Creek.

Tony Oliver

Tony Oliver

FOX6 News spoke with Tony Oliver's wife on Monday, June 8th. She says although she's overcome with grief after losing her husband, she and her daughters aren't mad at the driver. She says that's not what Tony would want.

She didn't want to go on camera as she is devastated over the loss of her husband, but she did talk with FOX6 News about why he was out riding his bike early Saturday morning.

"He lived life fully," Kaye Glennon, who was Tony Oliver's pastor told FOX6 News.

Tony Oliver

Tony Oliver

That's obvious when you take a look inside Tony Oliver's home. One of the walls is covered in medals. Oliver began taking part in triathlons three years ago, and he was training for the Iron Man in Madison. Oliver and his best friend Paul Brown were out training on Saturday morning, as they did every Saturday morning. They would take the same route from Oak Creek to Burlington.

As they were riding on State Highway 36 in Muskego, they were struck by a car and killed.

"It was a shock to me. It's hard for all of us to process and to wrap our heads around it," Glennon said. "The way he treated people, the way he loved his kids, the way he loved his wife -- it's all a living faith. He lived it every single moment."

One of those moments especially showed how Oliver lived his faith. Last year, he became ordained to preside over his eldest daughter's wedding. Oliver's daughter Nicole and his wife Lettie say it's just one example of how Oliver attacked everything in live -- giving it all he had.

Tony Oliver

Tony Oliver

More evidence is found in the home he brought his family to years ago from South Africa. There are photos showing Oliver as he served in the military in South Africa, earning medals there as well. Also in his home are portraits Oliver painted, rugby balls signed by members of the club team he started in Oak Creek, and the bicycle he was planning to ride in the upcoming Iron Man.

Tony Oliver's bicycle

Tony Oliver's bicycle

Glennon says all of those things are proof Oliver lived a full life with his wife of 32 years, his daughters and everyone else who knew him.

"If we could all do that it would be a beautiful thing, wouldn`t it?" Glennon said.

Oliver and Brown worked at Northwestern Mutual.

Brown's family did not want to talk or share pictures with FOX6 News at this time.

We're told Oliver's funeral and Brown's funeral are being planned together, because they were such close friends.

The 20-year-old South Milwaukee driver has been arrested on two counts of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle.

When the investigation is complete, it will be forwarded to the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office for charges.

Tony Oliver

Tony Oliver


  • Dan Murphy

    The world lost two great men Saturday. Tony was a mentor to me and many others, and he and Paul will be greatly missed. I’m thankful for our paths crossing. Rest in peace.

  • s holmes

    I hope the guy that thought it was ok to run over these 2 gets a long time in prison. That is the only way other cycleists will be safe.

  • Laura

    Wow this such a tragic story! My heartaches for both of these families and their loss! My sincere condolences to all involved!

  • really

    do people really think the 20 year old man went out sunday morning looking to run over and kill two bicyclists really you need to take a look at yourself

  • Eric Knight

    This is all SO sad and tragic. In answer to the posts below about the intent of the driver, all anyone need to do is talk to a cyclist. There are MANY people who feel that bicyclists and motorcyclists do not belong on the roads and buzz us or see how close they can get just to scare us. I usually ride alone, on the shoulder between Milwaukee and Sheboygan and often get buzzed, yelled at, and have stuff thrown at me. Does this have anything to do with this accident? Probably not but then again it was early on a Saturday morning with little to no traffic and perfect weather. So, so sad.

  • Bill Nevala

    This happens all too often. I train in the same manner as Tony and Paul. I currently training for Ironman Wisconsin 2015. This story could be any of us that are training. We take a risk every time we walk out of our house. I will have Tony and Paul on my mind every time I get on my bike. I would like to dedicate my Ironman race to their memory. May God Bless their families.

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