Women get into brawl inside Indiana Walmart, 6-year-old throws punches

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BEECH GROVE, Ind. -- Police in Indiana are investigating after video of a disturbing fight turned up online.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the video below disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Officers say the fight happened at the Beech Grove, Indiana Walmart on Thursday, June 4th. Two women exchanged words and then things quickly escalated.

A six-year-old boy is shown in the video getting involved in the fight, throwing kicks and punches. At one point, the boy hit one of the women with a shampoo bottle.

The brawl lasts nearly five minutes. Walmart security is not shown in the video.

Beech Grove police are exploring whether to file charges. Officers told WXIN they question the boy's home environment and are considering whether to involve the Department of Child Services in their investigation.


  • MKEgal

    “The brawl lasts nearly five minutes. Walmart security is not shown in the video.”

    So why are they called ‘security’?
    *_5_* minutes, and not one ‘security’ person showed up????
    Or do they have orders not to interfere in the squabbles of customers, just observe & report to police?

    • Mat

      First of all walmart has loss prevention not security. Why blame walmart and not the person video taping, who could of called police plus it says not shown in video doesnt mean they didnt show up after the clip.

    • Reagan 84

      Amen mkegal,I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it was Barney Fife security and he forgot to put his bullet in his pocket.

    • Stephen

      A) Walmart doesn’t have actual security
      B) If they were to intervene it would be a guaranteed lose of their jobs.

      I worked at Walmart for a year and the Loss Prevention people have a very strict set of rules and guidelines they have to follow to keep their jobs and prevent lawsuits.

    • Saver

      She is probably getting SSI, welfare, or workers comp for some BS reason and is scamming the system. I hope one of those agencies sees this.

  • Jessie

    What kind of mother does that in front of her child and to top it off telling him to hit another grown woman.. He is 6 and what is wrong with all these people sitting here watching that and not getting the little boy away regardless of what was going on! Everyone has a responsibility as a role model and sitting and watching, let alone videoing it and standing by doing nothing is insane!

    • JMD

      I take offense to that! I am a WalMart shopper and would NEVER dream of behaving this way in OR outside of the store. And if I was ever in a WalMart with my child and we came across something like this, I would quickly get my child away from the scene and call 911. I’ve seen plenty of “white trash” in other stores that are competitors to WalMart. Don’t assume all WalMart shoppers are trash!

  • Ellen

    why blot out the boy’s face? every mother in the community should know who he is so they can have their own kids stay away from that monster.

  • Reasonless

    I think that they should ban Walmarts from society.
    Walmart appears to be even more dangerous than guns are.

  • oldvulf

    WalMart doesnt have security, they have asset protection. Furthermore, no walmart employee is ever allowed to lay hands on a customer for any reason lest they risk lising their job.

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