Not guilty pleas entered by two accused in death of Aiden Archer

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Maurice Snyder, Megan Scott

MILWAUKEE — Not guilty pleads were entered by a couple charged in the child abuse death of a three-year-old boy on Thursday, June 11th.

27-year-old Maurice Snyder and the child’s mother, 24-year-old Megan Scott both face charges in the death of Aiden Archer.

Snyder is charged with 13 felonies — including first-degree intentional homicide. Scott is charged with failing to prevent child abuse.

On Thursday, the judge hearing the case ruled there was enough evidence to bind both of them over for trial. Both are expected back in court on July 13th.


  • terryt

    not guilty….um the child is dead, so no sorry SOMEONE is guilty of something, I cant believe the mother is being charged with so little…mudsharkin fun

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