Five injured after firearm accidentally discharged during wedding at Waldorf Astoria

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NEW YORK — A firearm accidentally discharged during a weekend wedding at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, authorities said.

Guests were taking pictures at a lobby when the gun went off Saturday night, CNN affiliate WABC reported.

It was in the pocket of a 42-year-old guest when it went off, grazing a woman in the head when the bullet ricocheted. She was not seriously injured, the affiliate reported.

Four others were injured when they were hit by shattered glass or debris, and treated at local hospitals, according to the affiliate.

The guest carrying the gun was detained and questioned by police, according to the affiliate, but it is unclear whether he will face charges.

The Waldorf Astoria allowed the couple to continue with the wedding ceremony, but asked guests to leave after 10 p.m., WABC said.

The hotel said it is cooperating with investigators.

“The safety and security of our guests and team members are the hotel’s top priorities,” Waldorf Astoria said in a statement.

The Waldorf is a cultural icon and has hosted foreign heads of state for years. It was featured in a 1945 film, “Week-end at the Waldorf.”