Decorating 101 with Steinhafels: How you can help your kids create a room they love

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MILWAUKEE -- When it comes to decorating our homes, we tend to focus on spaces like the kitchen and the living room -- but we can't forget the kids!

Rhonda Vivoda, a designer with Steinhafels appeared on Studio A to share a few easy ways you can become the coolest parent on the block!

It's all about helping your child to make their space their own. After all, their room is their domain, and it should be a reflection of their personality and all the things that make them unique -- whether it's their favorite color, a theme or a hobby they love.

Here are some simple room decorating tips:

  • Have fun with paint! Choose fun colors -- perhaps your child's favorite color. You could even paint each wall a different color, or incorporate designs like chevron, dots and stripes. Chalkboard paint can also be a lot of fun and can transform the wall into a creative space for kids.
  • Creative storage -- Be creative when it comes to displaying items and storing things. Examples include utilizing colorful bins, hanging photos with clothespins, and more.
  • Utilizing the space you have efficiently -- For example, make a loft bed, and put the desk underneath to utilize all available space, or use the space underneath the loft to create a cozy reading nook. It's all about getting the most out of the space you have.

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