Senator Alberta Darling suspects Bucks arena funding plan will be pulled from state budget

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Bucks arena funding proposal

MADISON — The co-chair of the Legislature’s budget committee says a $500 million financing plan for a new Milwaukee Bucks stadium may be pulled from the state budget and taken up as a separate bill.

Republican Sen. Alberta Darling told The Associated Press on Wednesday that no final decisions have been made, but she suspects that is what will happen. Sen. Luther Olsen, another Republican member of the Joint Finance Committee, agreed.

Backers of the plan have urged its inclusion in the budget, hoping that would speed its passage and make it easier to find approval among those wary of taking a separate vote on the deal.

Gov. Scott Walker announced the financing deal June 4 that relies on $250 million from current and former team owners and $250 million from taxpayers.

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  • LF

    Pulling the funding would be a terrible and idiotic move. Keeping the Bucks and getting a new arena would be very beneficial financially for the state of Wisconsin. Think of all the revenue you would create and not just from the Bucks but from concerts to Marquette basketball, to Hockey, to major events of any kind. I wish the state would think of what is best for Wisconsin and not hurt our state like Seattle did with their letting go of the their Supersonics. And years later they are trying to get a team back in Seattle, this would be the same for Milwaukee if they are forced to let the Bucks go because politics crushes Wisconsin. You hear that the taxpayers will be on the hook for the BMO Harris arena if the Bucks get let go elsewhere, and then you here now that the taxpayers are not going to be on the hook for the BMO Harris upkeep………. is that is correct than who pays for the upkeep ? ……. I am sure it is the taxpayers and the taxpayers are blind to listening to anything these politicians are feeding them.

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