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“She continues to believe Slenderman is real:” Psychiatrists push for juvenile court during Morgan Geyser’s hearing

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WAUKESHA -- A young girl and a rare case of schizophrenia. That's why experts say 13-year-old Morgan Geyser stabbed a classmate last year -- trying to kill her to appease the fictional character Slenderman. Now the question before the judge, -- should Geyser's case stay in adult court or be moved to the juvenile court?Geyser

If Geyser is moved into juvenile court, she could get mental health treatment, but only be under court authority until age 18. If in the adult court system, she may not get the help she needs. The judge will make the final decision.

For the past year, psychiatrists say Morgan Geyser has had little treatment for her schizophrenia, and no medication for the psychotic hallucinations she experiences and the voices she hears.

Dr. Kenneth Robbins, who's examined her over that time, says Geyser is even more lost in her imaginary world in her jail cell, than she was when she allegedly stabbed her friend 19 times.

"She continues to believe Slenderman is real. She continues to believe she has ongoing relationships with several characters from the Harry Potter book who come to visit her, whom she feeds and who sometimes sleep over," said Dr. Kenneth Robbins, psychiatrist.

Dr. Robbins testified if put into an adult prison where treatment and medication was not readily available, Geyser would most likely get even worse, Geyser2breaking rules and becoming a real problem.

"She'll face consequences that will have a negative impact on her illness including potentially being in solitary confinement," said Robbins.

A psychiatrist at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute, where Geyser once was, testified for the state. He says Geyser would should not be in prison, saying she needs long-term help.

"What if you were out there in your community? Fairly spontaneously Morgan said 'if he told me,' meaning Slenderman, 'if he told me to hurt more people I'd have to do it. If he told me to break into someone's home and stab them, I'd have to do it,'" said Kenneth Casimir, psychiatrist.

Casimir said Geyser had strange thoughts as young as when she was in kindergarten, and by the time she was in third grade she was feeling ghosts hug her.

The judge will announce his ruling in August.

Geyser, and the other 13-year-old girl charged in this case, Anissa Weier, will be in court for that ruling on August 10th.

Each of the girls face one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide in this case.

Crime scene of stabbing in Waukesha

Crime scene of stabbing in Waukesha


    • Cody

      The last report said she was diagnosed prior to the killing with a mental illness. You think a 12 year old with a mental illness carried this out with full awareness of what they were doing? Did you have excellent judgement at 12? 12 year olds do stupid stuff without mental illness, adding the paranoia of schizophrenia with the over active imagination of a 12 year old and no shock, you get messed up results.
      I’m not saying there shouldn’t be punishment, but do you honestly think that she is going to be a danger ten or twenty years from now? To think that she would be a repeat offender after what would be her release in six years is simply moronic and unfounded. A child was murdered and it’s a tragedy, but putting these children in an adult prison for the rest of their lives with no mental help and having no way to cope with the mental scars of that night is abhorrent as well as stupid.

      • Tamara Kay

        this poor child, describes, psychiatrists, and priests in a cabin, telling her what to do, calls this entity “the boogeyman” aka “slenderman”, and then, true to the banking industry, practicing bottomry, after the children are all terrorized by the friendly “boogymen” there, playing court process, one, sicks her on another child, by which to also, practice bottomry, or, diagnoses, and repair…it’s all in the money of the thing, follow the money and you’ll find out who not only creates, the manchurian candidate, through psychological warfare, but then who sicks it on others, in accordance with “Clean Hands Doctrine”…same entity whacks it’s overhead, to the tune of 42 female deaths PER day, via prescription drug overdose, then, charges it’s self, money out of the Treasury, slaps it’s self on the hand, and watches on as all the little kiddies in the garden, play gladiator, for sport…

  • superdave

    Someone had to teach this kid about slender man and drill it into her head that he is real in a ways similar to how idiot parents want their children to believe in Santa. Find that source. She’s only 13. We all did stupid things when we were that age. What she did was very wrong, but we have to understand every angle of this situation.

    • Tamara Kay

      isn’t “Slenderman” the symbol of a pedophile, psychiatrist, using the lost children of Nazi Germany as German stasi, by which to cash in through the CMS system? Why isn’t law enforcement doing more to protect these Manchurian candidates such as the Colorado Shooter, and this new Charleston shooter, both under the care of the medical industry/psychiatrists/pre scription doping techniques before they were sprung on the populous…

  • Selena

    If she’s the crazy she shouldn’t even be in society! Either way you look at it its a bad situation.. She’ll either kill again or someone will kill her a$$! In conclusion keep her locked up!

  • Opinion8d

    I think it’s tragic and absolutely wrong to put a 12 year old in prison for a year without providing any mental health assistance. She needs help and the sooner she can get it the better. Even if convicted of attempted murder, she not going to be in prison for life so why not start on treating her now??

    • hunter

      are you actually thinking before you write,cruel and inhumane treatment they stabbed a other girl 19 times what the hell do you call that, if you watch that is good coaching by her attorney. this is the problem with society ,they have gotten too huggy huggy. you do the crime you do the time. 13 ,25,35 you go to jail!!

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