“There’s kids out here:” One dead, 11 hurt when shots fired at child’s birthday party in Detroit

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DETROIT — A shooting at a child’s birthday party that left one person dead and 11 wounded was a retaliation shooting, Detroit Police Chief James Craig told WXYZ on Sunday.

Attackers fired semiautomatic weapons Saturday night at the party attended by about 300 people, police said. Earlier reports said nine people were wounded.

Police think the shooting was retaliation, Craig said to WXYZ. He noted the 20-year-old man who died had been shot about a month ago.

Four of the injured people are still hospitalized, Craig told WXYZ. No children were shot

People in the neighborhood are not helping officers find the shooters, Craig said.

“You will allow this to continue if you do nothing,” he said of the neighborhood. “We can’t do it alone. This is not the time to be fearful. These are urban terrorists who do nothing positive for our neighborhoods.”

Dolunt said police are looking for the owner of an abandoned red car found across the street whose occupants they believe were shot.


  • Terri

    UHG i cringed hoping that this shooting wouldn’t stir up more anti white gun control, then read on to find out that this in fact black on black crime so in this case black lives dont matter


    So 300 people there and they haven’t caught the shooter yet? You’re telling me that NONE of those 300 people recognized him? Way to cover for your own, then blame whitey and cops for high crime. Animals.

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