Multiple vehicles suffer flat tires as large potholes open on I-43SB at Silver Spring, causing backups

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MILWAUKEE -- Drivers experienced heavy backups on I-43 SB at Silver Spring Drive on Sunday afternoon, June 21st, and it was all due to some large potholes on the roadway.

Two right lanes were closed in the area.

I-43 near Silver Spring Drive

Milwaukee County Sheriff's officials say on Sunday afternoon, some large potholes caused at least six vehicles to suffer flat tires. We're told some of these potholes were six feet long by 18 inches wide by six inches deep.

Highway crews were dispatched to the scene to work on filling the potholes.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation had inspectors on site checking out the bridge.

No injuries were reported.

I-43 near Silver Spring Drive

It is unclear at this time whether these potholes are heat-related.

Drivers couldn't access on-ramps to I-43 SB while crews worked to make repairs.

"So I'm going to take Lake Shore Drive, which is more scenic anyway. I'm kind of on a tight schedule today so I probably would have regretted losing an hour sitting in traffic or something," Steve McLaughlin said.

But for those already on I-43, it was slow going Sunday afternoon.

I-43 near Silver Spring Drive

"It can blow and pop on the spot and it can cause you to lose control," Don DiBella, a manager at Monro Muffler Brake & Service said of the potholes that opened up on I-43.

DiBella says potholes can mean trouble when it comes to your vehicle.

"That can do quite a lot of damage to both the tire and the rim itself. That's associated with the tire causing bent or broken pieces. It can also damage the front end suspension components," DiBella said.

DiBella says going over a pothole the size of those that opened up on I-43, even if you don't suffer a flat tire, can still warrant a trip to your mechanic.

"It can break the belt inside the tire that the tire is made of and the problem may not come up for another day or two once the belt starts separating. So definitely if you do hit a big pothole definitely get it checked out," DiBella said.

The two right lanes have reopened.

I-43 near Silver Spring Drive

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  • Terri

    long shot here, perhaps its due to the MASSIVE amount of ridiculous construction across the entire state of Wisconsin? seriously

    • Ger Yang

      Yes, Visit the Website
      (Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation had inspectors on site checking out the bridge.)
      they should inspecting for safe

  • Sammich Olioso

    Wait until potholes of this size start appearing on city streets ……Trolley Tommy wake up!!!!!!!

    • DH

      The asphalt made in western states is made differently than the asphalt here and Wisconsin taxpayers would jump out of their skin because the cost is alot more. Its always kicking the can down the road. You will never see it hear or the the good stuff they have in Europe. Gas tax increase anyone???

  • Ger Yang

    I believed that you may know about this news.…/live-video-heavy-backups-on-i-43-sb-a…/
    On Sunday June 21st, 3:40 PM My wife and I were landing at MKE Airport, while my children were planning a party for Father’s day.
    My daughter Xai, was cooking and waiting to celebrate FATHER’s DAY; my son, Phia, was driving my car TOYOTA AVALON 2011
    on I-43 SB at Silver Spring Drive. Due to some large potholes on the roadway, it caused my son to take an hour to came to pick my wife and I up the Airport. Bad Road on father’s day. It caused my car tires to go flat and metro wheels to bend on the passenger side. The next day, I went to estimate with TOYOTA Dealer and they told me it will cost me over $1,000.00 to fix.
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation or Milwaukee Department of Transportation should consider the cost

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