Looking to build your credit score? Tips from an expert at Guaranty Bank

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MILWAUKEE -- Are you looking to build your credit score? Nina Johnson from Guaranty Bank joined the Studio A team to talk about a great program, it's Credit Builder.


  • shirley cole

    MY NAME IS SHIRLEY COLE AND IN INTERESTED IN REPAIRING MY CREDIT. do I have to be a member of guaranty bank.

    • Guaranty Bank

      Hello Ms. Cole. Yes, you have to open an account with Guaranty Bank to establish a Credit Builder account. We have products like our Free Checking, Free Business Checking, Savings and other accounts to choose from. Also, there is no delay in applying for a Credit Builder account, so you can literally apply on the same day that you become a bank customer…there is no long waiting period. Simply visit one of our local branches, which can be found on the following website (https://www.guarantybank.com/ATMLocator.aspx) to get started. Wishing you much success in building/rebuilding your credit score!

  • Diamond

    Hi Mrs. Johnson,
    I am currently a member with Guaranty Bank and I am interested in the Credit Builder but I am afraid of getting rejected. I did go through some hard times and my credit is not near poor. It is very poor. I am assuming that there is no guaranty of getting approved and I am also assuming that you guys use the credit bureaus to approve or deny an application. With those who have not so stellar credit, how are you guys able to approve an application?

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