“I was outraged – disgusted:” Mentor accused of exposing himself inside MPS Thurston Woods Academy

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MILWAUKEE -- He is a man students once looked up to, and he's now accused of taking advantage of them. A Milwaukee Public Schools mentor has been suspended amid claims he exposed himself to a male student multiple times.

Allen Bozeman

Allen Bozeman

56-year-old Allen Bozeman faces one count of first degree child sex assault - sexual contact with a person under the age of 13, and exposing genitals/pubic area/intimate parts to a child -- both felony charges.

Bozeman's alleged actions occurred at Thurston Woods Academy on Milwaukee's north side.


A mother FOX6 News is not identifying in order to protect the victim says Bozeman took advantage of her child, and the trust her child had placed in Bozeman.

"My child looked up to him. I trusted him. My child trusted him.  He exposed himself to him on a number of different occasions," the mother said.

The boy was finishing up the school year earlier this month. He says Bozeman not only exposed himself, but also made the boy touch him inappropriately.


"I was outraged. I was saddened. Disgusted," the mother said.

This mother says there were five or six incidents in the days leading up to summer break.

According to a criminal complaint filed against him, Bozeman would give the boy money after each encounter for "good behavior."

"It was the last day of school and my child came home with money. I asked where he got it from," the mother said.

Bozeman allegedly told the student not to tell anyone.

"He`s still having a hard time. There`s a lot of crying," the mother said.

Milwaukee Public Schools officials declined to comment on camera, instead issuing a statement. It reads:


The victim says he lost respect for Bozeman after this "stuff" happened, and he initially didn't tell his family about it because the boy didn't want them to worry about him.

"My child tells me he doesn`t want to live the rest of his life thinking about what happened to him," the mother said.

Bozeman will be in court on Thursday, June 25th.

The victim's mother says MPS hasn't been in contact with her throughout this ordeal, but she says she hopes they adopt better screening policies when it comes to their on-site mentors.



  • dorelle cannon

    I do not believe this I have known Mr B since my children were in k3 and she is no going to the 5th grade he has never done anything to my children who has attended Thurston Woods campus since they started school and I have worked with him closely throughout my children years at the school and he was both of my children’s teachers assistant I think that this is outrageous and embarrassing and if this was going on for more than a week why would you just find out on the last day of school that your child has money when you should have noticed it 5 days before Mr B rewards all the children mine have never had any complaints and I think that this is preposterous and very embarrassing to mr. B and I have a son and a daughter in which this is the only school they have attended and one in 5th grade and one is in 3rd.

    • Tana Marie

      but just because nothing happened to your children doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to this young man! Just because you’ve been around someone for awhile does not mean you totaly know them! Maybe he wasn’t sexually attracted to your children but he was to him. For you to stand up for this sick f*** shows how sick you are! What if that was your child….I bet you wouldn’t be taking up for him! Smh

      • Butterfly Wings

        I agree Tana, I think she has a few screws loose! “Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them. The study of victimology seeks to mitigate the perception of victims as responsible.”
        My daughters attended Thurston Woods while he worked there and he also worked at Walgreens on 76 Mill Rd. I have had several conversations with him and he seem like a nice guy, but if these accusations are true, he is a creep that belong in Prison no matter how “preposterous and very embarrassing” it is to Mr. B!!

      • Deb

        I thank God that this young student comunicates with his mom, there are so many that are victims of this sick behavior and have to live with this secret all their lives….I have seen Mr. B in a lot of churches……

  • Toni

    This Really Scares Me
    He was in my child K3 class for a period of time and it seems the young man he did it to was possible a little older just from watching the interview and if he did it to someone who could actually go back and tell there parent what was he doing to the little babies who doesn’t know better or to go tell.I had this conversation with both of my boys today and it scared me because I didn’t know what there response was going to be. I send my prayers out to that family and the young man.

  • CJ

    God bless the child. I worked with him, talked to him hadn’t a clue of his illness. However its not the mother fault and definitely not the innocent child!.. Trust no one ask children questions always different ways. Pray for all the children to come out of there shell of hurt.

  • Cherise Williams

    Well my children went to Thurston Woods and I remember a teacher turning Mr sicko in for saying things to the young ladies that you should not even be saying to a grown women.This has been going on for so long he needs to be stopped!

    • Simply

      I’ve been a volunteer at Thurston Woods for overr 10 years. First of all Mr. B as he is called, was not a mentor. He has been working as a Para professional. Everyone including the principal knew that something wasn’t right. This is not the first time this issue has come up. Milwaukee Public has a huge problem with issues like this in the schools elem thru high. Principals know everything that goes on in their buildings and this could have been avoided.

  • Faith.R

    Dang I didn’t kno mr.b got down like dat …I had known him since k3 in I’m now in 6th..sad

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