3-year-old boy had been on park swing for 2 days when he was found dead, officials say

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LA PLATA, Md. — The death of a 3-year-old boy found dead on a Maryland park swing has been ruled a homicide.

According to WUSA, Ji’Aire Lee was found on a park swing on May 22. He died of dehydration and hypothermia, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials discovered the boy’s body after his mother, Romechia Simms, was observed pushing the boy on the swing for an “unusually long period of time.”

The Washington Post reports that Simms, who had previously experienced a mental breakdown, stayed at the park nearly 44 hours pushing the boy on the swing.

Romechia had been hospitalized on more than one occasion for erratic behavior before her son’s death.

The boy’s father, James Lee, petitioned for custody of the child just weeks before his death.

The county’s state’s attorney’s office will decide whether to file charges against Simms.


  • Laura Thompson

    Whoever didn’t give that father immediate custody after that woman’s breakdown needs to be arrested and charged! #Asshat

    • Kat

      If the mother had problems before that resulted in neglect of the child, why does she still have primary custody of the child. Whomever made that decision wasn’t thinking clearly at the time.

  • Emelis

    Your statement is so true i strongly agreed with everything you said wow thats a great answer for peolple that just want to judge and post comments without knowing the true story just want to comments some negativity based on a story made by a journalist that doesnt know the true story him/herself!! They are writing based on what they are told and seeing!! Im glad that i took the time to actually read your comment because you make a great point of view i also made myself those exact same questions as ready the article!

    • Viola Flowers

      regardless of maybe abuse from the dad?? concerning mom, that child should have been removed immediately from the mother, until further investigation. That child didn’t deserve to Die like that. Mom maybe suffering from mental illness, or depression.

  • Melissa

    So sad I know someone that went through this and it is very heartbreaking the system didnt step in and help before this happened that little child did not deserve this. But meantal illness is a disease and is horrible and at a higher rate than we all know. It is sad that a innocent child had to die. when innocent people get hurt or killed then everyone then sayd “Oh we should have done something” but then its to late! RIP little one

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