Renovations being made to White House fence, visitors can now take pictures inside

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The White House fence is getting some renovations.

Crews are working to install sharp, metal points along the top of it Wednesday, July 1st.

The Secret Service and the National Park Service say these spikes are meant to stop people from climbing over the fence.

The agencies say the spikes are removable and call them a temporary solution.

It is expected to take six weeks to get all the spikes installed.

The agencies are looking into more long-term fixes to top people from hopping the fence.

Meanwhile, the White House says visitors can now take photos or use social media during public tours of the building.

That announcement comes from Michelle Obama in a video posted on her Instagram account. She’s seen ripping in half a sign that’s been displayed during tour hours and says “no photos or social media allowed.”

The long-standing ban is ending Wednesday, when guests can start using phone cameras and compact still cameras.

No reason is being given for the change.

Still banned are video cameras, including action camcorders, cameras with detachable lenses, tablets, tripods, monopods and camera sticks.

Flash photography and live-streaming also remain prohibited.