Senate leader promises vote on Bucks arena funding plan next week

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MADISON — The Wisconsin Senate’s Republican leader says he plans to vote on a bill to fund a new Milwaukee Bucks arena next week.

The deal lays out a $500 million financing plan for the arena that includes $250 million from taxpayers. Financing for the new arena was originally part of the state budget. Republicans decided to drop it from the spending plan and take it up as a separate bill after their members raised concerns about the deal.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told reporters Wednesday, July 1st the Senate plans to take up the bill next week. He didn’t say what day.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he, Fitzgerald and Democratic leaders in both houses plan to meet with Governor Scott Walker on Thursday to talk about generating support among rank-and-file legislators.

Bucks arena funding deal

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  • earl

    Not only do i want this project done but i’d love it if marcus cinemas and discount retailers come downtown. On a separate note i want the miller park tax rolled over to county services.

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