26-year-old father charged in horrific child abuse case, some say it could have been prevented

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MILWAUKEE -- The accusations against a Milwaukee father are horrific. He's accused of abusing his infant daughter. Some say what allegedly happened in this case could have been prevented.

Joshua Viane

Joshua Viane

"I'm sorry, but I guess I'm not surprised. I'm saddened. It's completely preventable," Joyce Felker, executive director of The Parenting Network said.

26-year-old Joshua Viane of Milwaukee faces five felony charges:

  • child abuse, intentionally causing great bodily harm
  • child abuse, high probability of causing great harm
  • child abuse, intentionally causing harm (three counts)

The details in the criminal complaint are quite disturbing.

On June 30th, the complaint indicates Viane and his wife went to Summerfest, where Viane drank a few beers.

At his Milwaukee home the next morning, he got up with a hangover, and changed his 21-day-old daughter's diaper, "when he had an urge." He told investigators "he wanted to squeeze the baby tightly," and he did. The complaint says he "squeezed the child with so much force that her face turned red and her eyes became bloodshot."

Medical exams revealed several rib fractures.

The complaint goes on to say that Viane then "pushed his index finger all the way down the child's throat." There was also bruising on the child's private parts. The complaint says Viane had such urges "for the past for years, but the urges intensified within the past two years."

"It's completely preventable," Felker said.

Felker says the stigma when it comes to mental health needs to be removed, so people will address their mental health issues as readily as they would a serious medical ailment.

"We, of course, have our confidential parent help line that folks could call. And we would have welcomed a call in the middle of the night. We're available 24/7 -- so that if somebody has an urge or something like that and they say, 'okay, I don't want to hurt this precious baby,' call us and we'll talk you through it and get you some help," Felker said.

The parent help line is staffed with professionals who have degrees in social work. They can help sort through crisis situations. The Parenting Network also offers parenting classes.

Viane remains in custody, and he's being held on $150,000 cash bail.

CLICK HERE to learn more about The Parenting Network and the resources it offers.


  • Trinity Rain

    I always feel that I’m missing pieces of the puzzle when I read stories on this site.

  • Sheryl

    Preventable? Well, of course it was… why, is this preventable, but, the dozens of babies that were killed by co-sleeping deaths, never say this? At least this child will live…thank goodness! Can anyone say, double standards? When a co- sleeping death happens, news networks sweep it under the rug, as do the police….heaven forbid, they actually say something negative about any of those stellar parents! It’s always an accident, that’s why nobody is ever charged….they get free passes for killing their babies! Milwaukee is such a joke, Ed Flynn, Tom Barrett…all jokes! But, this guy, I’m sure will pay dearly….as they all should!

    • Antihoodbeast

      So you don’t think that many poor families have to share 1 bed literally? You think that’s as bad as this lunatic psycho trying to squeeze the life out of a baby with sick intent? You are ridiculous

      • Sheryl

        Low income parents/mothers are given free cribs at the hospital. Most babies that are killed, have been rolled over and smothered by their mother or sibling…and most the time alcohol or drugs are involved! So, yes, I do think this is actually worse…because the babies are dead! And, this baby is not dead! Go back and read my first response…I said that I hope this man pays for what he did…..my point is these low income mothers are given a pass and they kill their kid….at least this baby did not die! Double standards is my point!

  • kristin

    Agreed. All he will do for the rest of his life is waste our taxpayers money in prison. Just do him in now.

  • Rebecca

    Amazing that anyone can breed. So disgusted with all the vile pieces of garbage that do this to kids.

  • JenniferJustice

    So the mother stayed with this guy knowing he was mentally ill, drinking alcohol, and obviously not taking his meds. Why do I even question this decision considering she just had a baby with him? And again, she will not get in any trouble for having a baby with a dangerous mentally ill person, letting him be alone with the baby and after a night of drinking, and I’m willing to bet she did not immediately seek help for the baby girl even after he tortured her. When are we going to hold mothers accountable for their role in allowing men to abuse their children? She is just as guilty as he is….more so, because she is not mentally ill, so what is her excuse? There is none.

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