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Friend of Wauwatosa man shot by police says he was a good man; “he started getting violent, he’s never done that before”

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WAUWATOSA -- We are learning more about what happened right before police were called to Glencoe Circle and Bluemound Road Thursday night, July 16th. The details come from the man that says he was with the 29-year-old in those tragic and terrifying moments.

Antonio Gonzales

Antonio Gonzales

FOX6 News spoke with the 29-year-old man's friend and landlord -- he says he wants to make it clear that although some violent moments were what prompted him to call 911, it's not how he will remember his dear friend.

The bullet holes in Craig Tutton's door are fresh, just like the memories of what he went through Thursday night.

"They told him to drop the weapons but I mean, what choice do they have? I mean, they did their job. One of the bullets got his chest," said Tutton.

Tutton says the man Wauwatosa police shot was 29-year-old Antonio Gonzales, his tenant of 6 months and long-time friend. Tutton says Thursday night, Gonzales started acting out of control.

"I've always been able to calm him down and talk him down. Twice I used the, okay you're my tenant do you want me to let you go? But last night it didn't work and he started getting violent, he's never done that before," said Tutton.

Tutton says that's when he called 911 and when Gonzales went out and got his collectible weapons, specifically a sword.


Craig Tutton, neighbor and friend of Antonio Gonzales

"It has nothing to do with the safety of the neighborhood, it has to do with a retired psychiatrist taking in somebody who needed help who wouldn't have received the help despite best intentions," Tutton said.

Tutton says Gonzales had mental health issues.

"I don't know exactly what they were told by the dispatcher or if they were aware of any of that at this point," said Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber.

The Wauwatosa police chief says regardless, their officers do have training in such cases.

"If a person is mentally ill but still comes at somebody with a weapon and as intending to use deadly force, the officers are still going to have to respond appropriately and I believe that's what was done in this case," said Chief Weber.

Tutton says Gonzales was from Wauwatosa, he even went to school in the area.


  • Clarísia Gonzales

    Why did they have to shoot him so times ? They are trained correct ? What happen to just taser him . Did not have to kill him 😔.

    • Wilson

      Clarisia when will people like you learn that when an officer makes the decision to use deadly force which happens in just a split second, the officer doesn’t just fire one time or shoot to wound the person using deadly force against him or her, he/she shoots to stop the threat period. The number of shots fired doesn’t really matter. Get that through your head!!!

      • Raven

        “… the officer doesn’t just fire one time or shoot to wound the person using deadly force against him or her….”
        How about a person who wasn’t using any deadly force against anyone at all? As in this case?

      • diana hershaw

        wilson…did you know tony? i did. tony was not a violent person. he had mental health issues just like so many of us. and for some odd reason…like the police wanting to make this a righteous kill…no one is saying that! this was not a righteous kill. it was murder. why were the police apparently not told any of this on the 911 call? why guns and not tasers? he obviously didn’t have a gun. what was he going to do with the sword …throw it at them? stop watching fox (faux) news. and oh yeah try a little compassion.

  • chris

    Because you don’t bring a taser to a knife fight and you shoot until the threat is stopped. It’s not hard to fire 6 or 7 rounds in 2 to 3 seconds.

    • Clarísia Gonzales

      They did not know he had knife till they got there, also this so call doctor put it on Facebook and this is how family found out about their family member no one was called, but he was a close friend ??? family have questions for this so call doctor. . Also there were more shots then reported. Family is trying to get answers

      • dakota

        All of these killing by police are getting out of control. I understand thay have to protect them self but where is the protection for us and for all these people that have been killed for no good reason. Prayers for all.

      • richard cranium

        no, dakota, you idiot. all these thugs and punks threatening police officers is getting out of control.

      • Libsareliars

        Dakota , let me guess are you also concerned about all the shootings and killings taking place in the inner city???
        Maybe you should try and become a cop and tell us how easy of a job it is.

      • Raven

        Richard Cranium: “… all these thugs and punks threatening police officers….”

        Which has nothing to do with the present case, where the man shot dead had not threatened the police officers at all.

        And, incidentally, was neither a thug nor a punk.

  • Joseph

    Why must the officers always shoot to kill? Can’t they aim below the belt sometimes for an instant disablement? Ya think?

    • Reality

      It’s called deadly force for a reason, the only time it is used is with the intent to kill the target. A person with a knife, sword, gun etc. that is shot in the leg is still capable of using that weapon. You obviously have no military or law enforcement training.

      • Raven

        Thank you, “Reality”, for stating the obvious, that in shooting at center body mass the officer(s) intended to kill. Please take that up with “Get a Grip”, who strangely insists that no intention to kill was involved, despite his referring to it as “deadly force” (and why does he think it it is called “deadly”?). Note that since Gonzales did not attack the officers (they killed him only for “refusing to drop” the sword), there was no attempt on his part to kill. So much for “self-defense”.

    • Get A Grip

      Not exactly. When deadly force is used the intent is to “stop” a subjects actions. Such as coming at the police with a sword in your hands. The intent isn’t to kill that person, but that certainly may happen. Police shoot at the upper torso because a bullet strike there has the greatest likelihood and is the quickest way of stopping a subject.

      • Raven

        None of the articles reported that he actually “came at the police”. Chief Weber used that phrase as a hypothetical (“IF”) though he did not assert that Gonzales had done so, a nice turn of rhetoric if it leads you to make an assumption.

    • Clueless

      How you look at a incident relates to the questions you ask about the incident. How about instead ask, “Why did this guy approach police officers holding a sword?” It’s pretty clear to most people what’s going to happen. Or how about, “Was this guy being treated for his mental health problems?” What was his family doing to help him? He had a friend that was trying to help him, but obviously that wasn’t enough. So then this guy is just left out in society, possibly with little to no help or support. And when he becomes violent, it’s the fault of the police when he approaches them with a sword and won’t drop it.

    • Nathan

      They can’t just “shoot em in the leg”. Shots to the legs rarely actually stop someone especially when they have adrenaline flowing.

    • Wilson

      Joseph you just show your ignorance when you comment on a topic like deadly force which you obviously know nothing about. Read my response to the other dimwit Clarisia…

      • Raven

        Wilson, your absolute lack of sympathy for the grieving family member of a man who was just killed has been noted and logged. For the sake of the human race’s self-esteem, please adopt the persona of some reptilian visitor from another planet, in whom the absence of empathy and conscience is only to be expected. Thank you. /30/

  • BOB

    oh noooooow everyones concered? in the hamilton case he had mental health issues and posed NO threat..u all thought that was justice served but this man had a big as sword but he was innocent? u ppl kill me… sure you’re not police officers yourselves? smh

    • educated one

      HEADLINE READS … he was a good man; “he started getting violent, he’s never done that before”
      Honestly I thought that was a comedy line…. Just think he was so close to being alive…When will the stupid people be eliminated so only ones with common sense prevail???

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