“My son saved his life:” Teen pulls drowning boy out of pool, performs CPR

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WAUKESHA -- An 8-year-old boy is pulled from a pool after he started to drown in an apartment complex pool on Kensington Drive in Waukesha.

The initial call for help came in shortly after 6:30 p.m. on Friday, July 17th.

On a hot and steamy summer day, those seeking relief at a pool found themselves in a race to save a child's life.

David Rivera

David Rivera

"I just saw my son giving a boy CPR and I'm like, my son doesn't know CPR, it was the scariest thing of my life," said Dianna Warchol, mother of boy who performed CPR.

Dianna Warchol and her 14-year-old son, David Rivera, were at the indoor pool in an apartment complex when Rivera spotted a young boy under water.

"He was sitting there for like five minutes and we thought he was trying to hold his breath under water, so I went under and I grabbed him and I picked him up and he wasn't breathing," said David Rivera.

Rivera got the boy out of the water and he and others tried to administer CPR.

"We kept pushing on his stomach and then puke and water kept coming out," said David.

Authorities arrived shortly after and started performing chest compressions on the boy -- he eventually started breathing on his own before being transported by Flight for Life to Children's Hospital.

"His tummy was moving, his face wasn't covered. I talked to the grandma and she said he's okay and he's breathing so they're going to take him to Children's (Hospital) and hopefully he'll be okay so I feel awesome my son saved his life. It was just the scariest thing in the world," said Warchol.

The boy is now being treated at Children's Hospital and is medically stable -- he is expected to be okay.

Police do not suspect foul play in this incident and are treating this case as an accident.

FOX6 News will continue to update this story when more information is available.


  • Jeff f

    Who let’s a kid sit in the pool for “5 minutes” holding their breath? I wasn’t there so I won’t pretend to know what happened based on this article, but c’mon. No kid should be in that position at ANY pool. Blame the parents.

    • cade

      We diDon’t notice him right away and when we did that’s when we thought he was holding his breathe but he was under the water for quite a while so that’s when David pulled him out of the water.

  • Sammich Olioso

    David if you read this comment, You young man have a very bright future ahead of you.The actions that you took along with others keeps my dwindling faith in mankind alive.At 14, and to take the actions you took instead of waiting for an adult speaks volumes of your character! The world needs more David Riveras!

  • NO Trolley

    Finally a nice story,glad this young man was there to save this kid. Where the hell were the parents????

  • Tara Lenihan

    Unfortunately accidents happen, even with all the planning in the world and every safety measure in place. I hope to find an update on the little guy and that he’s doing well! How awesome that young David was able to assess the danger, shut the world out for a moment, and spring into action! This ‘small’ act speaks volumes.

  • Patrick Glover

    David, this is Cassidy Glovers dad. Awesome job! Good thinking and quick response. You young man are my hero of the week. Sounds like you have a natural skill at saving lives. I see a future paramedic. Thank you! You have made a difference in the lives of others.

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