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One injured in officer-involved shooting near Miller Park after ‘bump & run’ carjacking, pursuit

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MILWAUKEE -- West Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News one person was injured in an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Sunday afternoon, July 19th near Miller Park Way and Greenfield Avenue. Two people, including that injured individual, have been taken into custody.

Police say it all began with a "bump and run" carjacking in West Allis. Milwaukee police recently warned of these crimes -- where a suspect in a vehicle strikes another vehicle -- and when the driver exits the vehicle to check the damage, the vehicle is then stolen by the suspect.

A West Milwaukee police officer heard a description of the vehicle involved in the carjacking, and spotted that vehicle as it was headed behind a Topper's Pizza restaurant near Miller Park.

Toppers near Miller Park

Toppers near Miller Park

As the officer was pursuing that vehicle, we're told the officer fired one round into the vehicle.

"They got a vehicle description. One of my officers spotted that vehicle going behind Topper`s Pizza at which point he pulled in behind him and engaged him," West Milwaukee Police Chief Dennis Nasci said.

One person was shot, and we're told that person suffered minor injuries. That person was taken to the hospital -- and then taken into custody at the hospital.

A second person was also taken into custody in connection with this incident. That person was arrested near the scene of the shooting.

The Rankins family's Sunday plans were disrupted by this incident.

"We expected to enjoy a Sunday barbecue," Tyler Rankins said.

But as soon as they fired up the grill, the police rolled in.

"I saw a (female officer) get out of the car and as soon as she got out of the car I saw she had the shotgun and she basically cocked it. She said 'Sir, you need to go into the house until, you know, we figure out what`s going on around here.' I got my family here and you just hope that it`s going to get taken care of the right way and that no one gets harmed," Rankins said.

The Milwaukee Police Department is handling this investigation. Per state law, officer-involved shooting incidents must be investigated by an outside agency.

Police say the officer who fired in this incident has been with the West Milwaukee Police Department since 2009. He is now on administrative leave.

This is the third officer-involved shooting that has occurred within a week that is being handled by MPD. The first occurred last Monday evening, July 13th in Whitefish Bay. The second occurred on Thursday night, July 16th in Wauwatosa.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.

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  • irritable bowel syndrome

    Good job too bad all the car jackers didn’t succumb to gun shot wounds. If your gonna hold people up and steal their vehicle you deserve death

  • chattipatti

    These kids need to be stopped. They have rolling drug cars.. And not one can do anything about it. But we will have a new bucks arena👍

      • BDS

        I think you may be on to something Mr. Head. Per Merriam Webster :


        :an area of activity, interest, or competition

        Note the word “competition” in the definition. This is simply intolerable. How these venues can continue to exist when we’re trying to teach future generations that there are no winners or losers is beyond me. I shudder to think what may happen if our future leaders grow up the same way I did. I mean, look at me. Apparently I’m a homophobic, racist Confederate flag waving gun nut. All because I lean to the right. This is unacceptable. Never mind that none of it’s true. I don’t want to hear it. Our masters ha-, I mean, the left has spoken, and who am I to question their authority? Richard, I suggest you follow my lead. After all, it’s for our own good, right?

  • BDS

    This is so sad. Another shooting in Milwaukee, and by the cops no less. When is it going to stop? That’s a question I’ve asked myself countless time. When is the gun violence in this city going to end? Well, thanks to Tom Barrett, we finally have an answer. Soon Milwaukee, soon we will be rid of these instruments of destruction. Soon, 30th and Burleigh will be a safe place for your 10 year old to roam the streets at night. Soon, I dare say, Milwaukee will be the liberal utopia we’ve been dreaming of. Do you know why? I’ll tell you why. We’re getting a trol- I mean, we’re getting a street car Milwaukee! Hallelujah, and praise Mayor Barrett! These happy days are yours and mine!

    • Cameron

      By the cops no less? What were they supposed to do? These two young men just car jacked a car and were fleeing the scene! The officer wasn’t shooting to kill, he was shooting to stop the thieves from getting away. One shot. Minor injury. I know these guys. They are out there robbing innocent victims and posting their “loot” on FB. No remorse, no conscience. When you play a dirty game hurting, scaring and stealing from people karma catches up to you. The kid who was grazed by the bullet is what, 14? 15? He is in over his head. Crime and stupidity don’t mix. Bank em.

  • tunsch

    How did a story about criminal carjacking thugs turn into a story about officer-involved shootings? What is this story about? I love the journalistic integrity here. Freaking media.

    Thank you, MPD. We know what you do.

    • Cameron

      I agree. Where is the accountability for these young men who forever traumatized their victim. Why don’t the victims rights matter? Driving along, minding your own business when BAM….you get hit from behind. They were try to be good citizens by getting out to check the damage, when again, BAM. Has this officer not fired off a shot, these guys probably would have continued on a reign of terror ending in innocent lives lost. One isn’t even old enough to drive, the other has no license. They stole the car…the need to accept the consequences of their actions. The police didn’t make them commit this crime. They did what was necessary to prevent further injury to anyone else. This is an example of good police work. No excessive force. Just enough to catch the jackers. Bank em. They won’t change.

  • Rob

    Outstanding job Officer! It’s to bad not all car jackings or serious crimes don’t end with this outcome. I for one support our first responders and have nothing but utmost respect for the job they do.
    These thugs best stop and think before committing these crimes, more and more CCW holders everyday and people are tired of being victims. You never know who’s carrying now a days. So stop and think before you run up on somebody like an idiot.

    Never understood why people just don’t work for there own instead of taking from others. Oh wait, we’re talking about the entitlement generation. It’s easier to steal instead of putting in the hours at a job.

  • NO Trolley!!

    GREAT Job WMPD!!! I wish more violent criminals would be taught a lesson before the LIBTARDS in our justice system gave them slaps on the wrists.

    • Cameron

      Please stop with the name calling. I consider myself liberal but the crime is unacceptable and the officer response commendable. You see, we really aren’t that different. We all want safer streets and guns out of the hands of criminals. Let’s try working together instead if against each other when we both want the same outcome. We want the violence to stop. No matter if you are left, right, in between. The violence must stop.

  • Fred

    Since when did ‘Thugs’ & ‘Criminals’ become a race of people? I guess you condone the lifestyle of this new race if you find the comments offensive.

    • BDS

      I’m going to give Kevin the benefit of the doubt here and say he was being sarcastic. Right Kevin? RIGHT??? Oh my god, I think he might be busy watching MSNBC!

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