“Milwaukee Lion” believed spotted near 30th & Fairmount, MADACC responds to scene

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MILWAUKEE -- Sources tell FOX6 News the "Milwaukee Lion" may have been found.

A large police presence is in the area near 30th and Fairmount as well as 32nd and Cameron on Saturday night, July 25th.

Police have confirmed around 7:15 p.m. officers responded to the area of a confirmed sighting of a "lion-like animal." The area was contained but the animal was not located.

Sources tell FOX6 News, MADACC has reported they are responding to the area with tranquilizer rifles.

Police presence near 30th & Fairmount

Police presence near 30th & Fairmount

Milwaukee police say they will continue to stay in the area throughout the night.

Monitor FOX6 News for updates on this developing story.


  • MkeLion1

    Oh you can’t catch me I’m the savage life cat!!!😂🙈🙉🙊👮💃💪👏💰🎊🐾󾓦

  • Mel

    Ugh, getting real tired of the stupid bickering on here, grow up. Seriously, people aren’t behaving any better than animals lately. Let’s hope the lion doesn’t get hurt and that this violence in the city stops. Because it’s not the ANIMALS we have to worry about here!

  • richard cranium

    jeezus all you have to do to catch it is place cardboard boxes all over the city and it’s certain to hop into the first one it sees. any cat owner can tell you that.

  • JoJo

    And just like that the foolishness is gone…. Don’t u guys wish there was a button like that in real life.?

  • s holmes

    Just smear cheapf flynn with hamburger meat & stake him out there. Yes I know, thats a little cruel….the lion could get sick.

  • Harco

    Abele’s talking about milwaukee. You know- the city which he’s responsible. He’s not a federal official. Your point in invalid.

  • lenord

    In the near future the lion could ride the down town trolley, people won’t be riding it. The lion could have the trolley for itself.

  • Wilson

    This is the perfect distraction for idiot boy flynn who doesn’t have to fend off questions about his smart assed comment on the 3 hour and 6 minute response time to the 82 year old women who was raped. Why doen’t fox 6 go after flynn on that one??? He is responsible for that event as the chief….

  • Wilson

    Voters in the city of Milwaukee are also responsible as they elected mayor mccheese who in turn appointed flynn who was confirmed by the dysfunctional fire and police commission who have now provided him with a sizeable income for the next four years rewarding his ineptitude. Think about that next time the mayoral election rolls around….

  • Denise Fletcher

    I had seen an extremely large cat back in 2009 that I believe was a lion. I reported it and was informed that Milwaukee was to Urban for a lion to be sighted. I was not satisfied with that answer. I am not surprised by the sightings. I believe them to be true. People should not be told to keep their animals inside. If there is a sighting, they should know what to do.

  • Janet

    Please if this Lion/Cougar is found allow MADACC to tranquilize the cat, do not kill it. This cat seems to be very elusive and I pray you do not kill it.

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