“No more shootings, no more killings:” Community marches in an effort to end Milwaukee’s violence

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MILWAUKEE -- On the heels of Milwaukee's 90th murder, people march in the streets asking for an end. The homicide rate has already surpassed last year's total, and those affected by violence stood up and asked others to take a stand.

Saturday's march was made up of several people from across the community, including friends and family of people who've lost loved ones to violence. They say, they are just fed up.

"We have to get active. This is about being vocal. This is about stepping up," said Tory Lowe, community organizer.

At the corner of 27th and Center, a community comes together in the midst of a violent summer. The group marches along Center Street holding photos of loved ones lost to violence.

Community march

Community march

They stop and share their stories and pay respect to the lives lost. A few dozen march, hopeful someone will listen.

"It can just start with one person to make a difference, just one," said Mia McKay, friend of Dricka Hodges, victim of violence.

They stay optimistic despite a growing homicide rate.

So far this year, the number of homicides has surpassed the total for last year.

"We don't want to see any more violence. No more shootings, no more killings -- no more losing any of our youth," said McKay.

This past week has been filled with deadly shootings including the death of an 18-year-old. Family says he was robbed, then murdered just feet from his home.

Days later, a man was killed near Buffum and Burleigh. And Friday night, July 24th the city's 90th homicide happened outside of a gas station at 9th and Center.

The rally on Saturday stops at that spot, spreading a message -- violence will not be tolerated.

The group says results will not happen quickly, but they aren't willing to give up.

"This didn't happen overnight and it's not going to be resolved overnight. What we can do is plant seeds of that growth," said Lowe.

People walked for about 20 blocks, they say this is only the beginning. They're hoping this march could become the catalyst for more change.


  • Timiri

    Marches and prayer vigils don’t bring change. Change cones from within. Until that hap poo ensure it will just repeat over and over.

    How many prayer vigils and marches have we had in the last 3 years and how many shootings have we had. It’s not working you need to change your approach and thinking Tory Lowe.

    • chattipatti

      You are so right, marching billboards are a waste of time the killings will continue. I feel so bad I grew up in milwaukee and now I’m ashamed of the city

    • Wilson

      Right Timiri. When someone dies all these people want to bring stuffed animals and balloons to create a memorial. Where was all of the concern before the tradgedy to prvent someone from taking the wrong path??? It wasn’t there and that is indeed the problem.

    • James

      As I read these comments all I see is people criticizing this man for helping these families. Tory has helped my family when my cousin was killed in 49th and center. Tory is the only person in Milwaukee that is doing a great job of dealing with the killing in this city. My family and many others appreciate him and the work he is doing for our community. He has never asked our family for anything for helping us. Thank you Tory on behalf of my family and other you have unselfishly assisted over the years.

  • Tony

    Keep bringing awareness to the issues of violence in the community. We hear you loud and clear.
    Your work is truly appreciated.

    • Wilson

      Yeah right Tony. Wake up!!! Marches and prayer vigils have zero impact on stopping this ever increasing rate of violence. And don’t even bring up that BS about more jobs as the animals who are committing all the violent crime do not want to work at all. Why is that?? Because their parent or in rare cases parents never instilled a sense of right and wrong in them nor the concept of working to get ahead in life. This will take generation to change this pattern.

      • Tony

        Wilson what have you done in this community to help curb the violence.

        I’ll wait you to give proof of you actions….

        Mean while this man is out in the streets working with these families doing the work.
        You sound like your angry at someone trying to help. All I’m saying is Tory is doing a great job.

  • #Truth

    All the people with the negative comments here, do not want to see change. They enjoy the negative comments. Not one has done or will do anything to better the city, chances are they don’t even live in the city limits and obviously can care less about the city..

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