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“Clean Power Plan:” Pres. Obama unveils major climate change proposal, Gov. Walker responds

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration unveiled a major climate change plan on Sunday aimed at a large reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s coal-burning power plants. On Monday, President Barack Obama started selling it to the public at a White House event.

“Today after working with states and cities and power companies, the EPA is setting the first ever nationwide standards to end the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from power plants,” Obama said Monday from the White House, adding shortly thereafter “Washington is starting to catch up with the vision of the rest of the country. ”

The “Clean Power Plan” is the final version of regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency, which President Barack Obama called “the biggest most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change,” in a video released by the White House on social media Saturday night.

“We’re the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it,” Obama said on Monday.

Under the plan, the administration will require states to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards, based on their individual energy consumption. The plan also includes an incentive program for states to get a head start on meeting standards on early deployment of renewable energy and low-income energy efficiency.

“Power plants are the single biggest source of harmful carbon pollution that contributes to climate change,” Obama said in the video. “Until now, there have been no federal limits to the amount of carbon pollution plants dump in the air.”

Even before the rule was announced, many states announced plans to fight it, including some vows to take the administration to court over the new rules. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged states not to comply with the plan in a letter to all 50 governors.

Critics also said that the plan will bring unwelcome increases in electricity prices.

“This plan is all pain and no gain,” said Luke Popovich, vice president of communications for the National Mining Association. “That’s why state leaders across the country are coming to the same conclusion — that we should not sacrifice our power system to an unworkable plan built on a faulty interpretation of the law.”

In a conference call with the press, Gina McCarthy, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, said the plan would cost a total of $8.4 billion with total benefits expected to be $34 billion to $54 billion.

“Some special interest critics will tell you that it can’t be done,” McCarthy said on Sunday. “They’ll say we have to focus on the economy at the expense of the environment. They’ll tell you EPA’s plan will turn the lights off and send utility bills through the roof but they are wrong.”

A multi-million dollar campaign backed by the energy industry has sought to debunk the science of climate change, but polls show most Americans believe the planet is warming.

Coal supplied 37% of U.S. electricity in 2012, compared to 30% from natural gas, 19% from nuclear power plants, 7% from hydropower sources such as dams and 5% from renewable sources such as wind and solar, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

EPA officials have conceded in the past that some of the dirtiest power plants now operating, such as older coal-fired plants, will end up shuttered as the nation shifts its reliance from traditional fossil fuel sources to cleaner alternatives.

The impending battle ahead could be seen as a major legacy issue for Obama as he transitions into the last quarter of his presidency.

“There are few issues more important to the president,” a senior administration official said, adding that Obama is likely to make the case that climate change is a moral, economic and national security obligation in the months ahead.

The news of the President’s plan was hailed on Sunday by Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley but was deeply criticized by Republican candidates.

“It will make the cost of electricity higher for millions of Americans,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, said Sunday at the Freedom Partners Summit in California.

“If there’s some billionaire somewhere who is a pro-environmental, cap-and-trade person, yeah, they can probably afford for their electric bill to go up a couple of hundred dollars,” Rubio said. “But if you’re a single mom in Tampa, Florida, and your electric bill goes up by $30 a month, that is catastrophic.”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, also running for president, said on Sunday climate change “will not be solved by grabbing power from states or slowly hollowing out our economy.”

“The real challenge is how do we grow and prosper in order to foster more game-changing innovations and give us the resources we need to solve problems like this one,” he said.

Expecting a tough fight, the White House will launch an “all-out climate push” by the President and cabinet officials to fan out to sell the plan. In the coming weeks, Obama will travel to Nevada to speak at the National Clean Energy Summit and later become the first sitting President to go to the Alaskan Arctic.

Governor Scott Walker released this statement Monday:

“Yet again, President Obama is taking unilateral action and overstepping the limits of his authority to pursue a political agenda.  The Obama Administration ignored the significant, overriding issues that will increase costs for Wisconsin ratepayers by up to $13 billion, unnecessarily harming families and killing manufacturing jobs.

We will examine the final plan in detail, but clearly Wisconsin’s extensive, constructive comments to the EPA have fallen on deaf ears in Washington.

Wisconsin has taken every opportunity to express that the Obama Administration is not only exceeding its authority by issuing the EPA’s final rule, but is pursuing the least efficient way to make environmental gains.

Today, I am asking the Attorney General to take immediate action to protect Wisconsin ratepayers and workers from the devastating impacts of the Obama Administration’s actions.

In addition, I am directing the Department of Natural Resources to work with the Public Service Commission to evaluate the financial impact of the final rule.”

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel issued this statement:

“Based on our initial understanding of the final rule, the Clean Power Plan will be detrimental to Wisconsin’s economy by dramatically increasing residential and business electricity bills, resulting in significant job losses.

At the direction of Gov. Walker, Wisconsin will join numerous other states in a lawsuit to stop the federal government’s unlawful actions.”


    • Failsafe

      What will these lawsuits be based on if they are ever filed? Will it be your personal misunderstanding of the law? Or how about your refusal to live in reality? Or just because you hate the President for no real reason?

  • Gordon Hilgers

    The only reason the Republicans are playing politics with issues surrounding climate change is because they are “gravy train” dependent, i.e. dependent on Big Coal, Big Oil and Big Gas for campaign cash. They can’t tell the truth or even utter one peep about their real convictions because the dirty energy sector will be displeased.

    What’s especially surprising to learn is that, no, Big Coal, Big Oil and Big Gas have absolutely no plans to diversify and move into environment-friendly forms of energy production such as solar, wind, geothermal or other more advanced means. This is why the dirty energy sector continually hires “scientists” to dispute generally-accepted scientific conviction surrounding anthropogenic climate change. Dirty energy wants people like Oklahoma Senator Inhofe to throw snowballs as “proof” climate change is some kind of Commie plot. Dirty energy wants to encourage people to claim climate change does not exist whenever they go outside and have to put on a sweater. In fact, dirty energy is so recalcitrant in regards to changing its tune that the only thing that will convince it will be the children of its executives turning into fried chicken while sitting beside the swimming pool. Even then, they’ll be putting their profits over the concerns of the entire world.

    I’ve never seen money hoarders get so pathologically psychotic when confronted by the possible loss of their power to keep people dependent on smoke-spewing machines.

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