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“Someone just shot your son:” 23-year-old suspect’s mother speaks out after officer-involved shooting

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee police officer shot an armed suspect near 20th and Center on Tuesday, August 4th. The 23-year-old suspect was shot and injured as he was running from police. Police say the suspect, a convicted felon with "multiple open warrants" fired first, but that's something his family disputes.

Gregory Rollins

Gregory Rollins

Family members identify the 23-year-old man as Gregory Rollins.

Rollins' mother says he was shot in the leg. Because he is a suspect, she hasn't been allowed to see him as he receives treatment at the hospital.

"I don't even know how my baby is doing," Carolyn Williams, Rollins' mother said. "The last time I saw my son, my son was laying in a field."

For now, Carolyn Williams waits.

"I don't understand this. The system is all messed up," Williams said.

Police say this all began near 19th and Clarke. Plain-clothes officers came across individuals they suspected were involved in drug activity.

The officers conducted a field interview -- and that's when one suspect fled the scene on foot.

Police say a pursuit ensued, and it ended near 20th and Center.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Clarke

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center

That's where one suspect fired a round at the officer as that suspect was running away, and the officer returned fire.

We're told the suspect fired at least one round, and the officer fired several rounds.

The suspect was hit one time. His injuries are believed to be non life-threatening.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Clarke

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center

He is a 23-year-old convicted felon, and police say he had "multiple open warrants."

"I think we`ve got a concern right now with the willingness of our offender community to use their firearms. I think that`s been demonstrated over and over again in recent months," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

The Milwaukee police officer involved in this incident is 34 years old, and has been on the force for 11 years. He has been placed on administrative duty, as is protocol in these situations.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Clarke

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center

Williams says she was alerted to what happened when her phone rang.

"I got a phone call that said 'come -- there are police chasing your son,'" Williams said. "You need to come on. Someone just shot your son."

Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams

Williams is frustrated that she hasn't been able to see her son.

"I don't even know how my baby is doing. I got to go by what the sheriff and the nurses and the social worker is telling me. I pray to God that he's okay," Williams said.

Court records show Rollins has an open case for violating a domestic violence order. He also has convictions that include drugs, burglary and battery.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Clarke

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center

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  • Tracy

    Don’t say the system is messed up. Say that you failed as a parent. Your son got what was coming to him for shooting a an officer. Hopefully he will learn his lesson but I doubt it. Do not blame the system when you cannot follow rules. How about go and get a job and not sell drugs.

      • everyone else is to blame

        No, he had just left the orphange where he reads the Bible to homeless children and was on his way to register for his first semester at Marquette law school when MPD opened fire without cause.

    • BDS

      Not to mention, this guy took on the Milwaukee lion and won! Am I the only one that noticed his coat in the picture? That is clearly lion fur. No doubt he donated the meat to the local food pantries. Wait. What? Killing lions is a no no right now? Son of a #!%@$. This guy just can’t catch a break, can he?

    • PackerGr8

      This guy is a nice fella, I did some time with him and he was always polite.
      I think if the police would stop chasing nice people who haven’t done anything there would be less shootings.
      Just my opinion.

    • mercy on us

      We can say parents failed to raise their kids. Kids arefollowers peer pressue want to fit in. Sometimes kids just go in the other directions. My mom raised 7 and all turn. But it was two that live opposite from what she raise us to be. But been around other people took them in another directions. Not saying they have criminal records. Totally different from how mom raise us.

    • blue

      That is so true.. be honest that baby of your grew up to be a felon with tons of paperwork.. you should have been concerned years ago.. now is just to late.. visit him in jail and be the Momma then.. now you just have to wait..

  • richard cranium

    He is a 23-year-old convicted felon, and police say he had “multiple open warrants.” Court records show Rollins has an open case for violating a domestic violence order. He also has convictions that include drugs, burglary and battery.

    yeah, blame ‘the system’.

  • jim (a different jim)

    At least she didn’t have the audacity to say that he’s a good boy.

    It’s department policy that you can’t visit a person who is in police custody even when they are in the hospital. I hope 6 isn’t trying to drum up sympathy here.

  • Swollen prostate

    We need to put signs up in the city that shooting at police will result in certain death or great bodily harm to yourself. Really mother of thug you think your son can shoot at police and that they shouldn’t be able to return fire? LOL unbelievable!

  • Dan

    The officer needs more training… you can only shoot to kill and only if the suspect is unarmed. If it is an armed, wanted, drug dealing looser running from the cops while shooting his sideways gun and trying to hold up his pants your not allowed to shoot, it may cause a riot as this is the outstanding citizen the nieborhood looks up to, that couldn’t have done anything wrong.

  • amilia

    I totally understand that she is concerned about her son, but she isn’t too concerned seeing as how he thinks it’s okay to shoot at the police as well as have open warrants. What is messed up is as a mother you did such a poor job raising your son. Want to blame someone, blame your son for the foolishness he did.Glad he survived but sad people have such a messed up way of thinking.

  • chris

    Yeah the system is a mess. Your son shot at police and got shot. He’s technically in jail just laid up in the hospital. Shoot at police you should be in the morgue. Maybe If You Raised Him To Be respectful and responsible instead of shunning your parental duties you’d have a young man and not a thug. You and your kind of entitlement babies are the problem.

  • Nathan

    Dear Fox 6 (and all news stations really),
    Parents of criminals will always say their child didn’t do anything. So just stop talking to the family. They say the same thing every time, it’s useless.

  • that's bull

    The system is screwed up by letting these thugs back on the streets again over and over he got what he deserved the cop should not be on administration leave the death penalty need to be informed in Wisconsin

  • Deshon10

    I’m African american and I say that the suspect deserved everything that came to him. How is the system messed up Carolyn Williams?? The only thing that’s messed up in this story is that your son is a criminal and on more than one occasion, proved that he is not fit to live in society! Why would he shoot at a police officer?? Girl….you sound stupid as hell backing your son and his bull….and then try to blame the system. Smh!

  • Paul H

    A good parent would want to make sure her son was ok and once she found out he was ok smacked him in the the hospital for being a criminal.

  • laditra l howard

    Boy! That’s why yo butt got shot… in this case his mother should be thanking the Good lord he is in the land of the living…your son is a criminal… So don’t try and sugar coat it!

  • Sheila Moyet

    “He is a 23-year-old convicted felon, and police say he had “multiple open warrants.”, “Court records show Rollins has an open case for violating a domestic violence order. He also has convictions that include drugs, burglary and battery.” I Want to know what this thug was doing on the streets? He should have been behind bars, not allowed free on the streets to cause more crime and violence.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Please Mom get a grip. If you’re so worried about your son then why is he running around causing more problems and the open warrants that he has I’m sure you knew about them why not turn him in. Parents are suppose to be their for their kids through thick and thin know matter what age clearly this isn’t the case.

  • J

    Tracy is RIGHT ON!!!! The system, in this case is not messed up. If the thug wasn’t in the hospital he would be in a jail cell where he belongs. The thug is lucky he was only wounded. The main thing is the officer is uninjured after doing his job and defending himself….simple. End of story. Nothing to debate here if the initial report of the incident is accurate.


    Not very nice to carry a gun when you are a convicted felon and shooting on a peace officer. Our year of our lord Oklahoma territory this would have been a different story, a wanted poster with dead or alive would have been issued and bounty hunters would have had theirs. Life is tough enough even tougher when your stupid.

  • Eloise

    I understand how see feels about not being able to visit her son however i do not understand her confusion. He shot first. I don’t understand why people want us to feel sorry for people who commit crimes and they are the ones carrying illegal weapons and shooting innocent people which is affecting our entire community. She probably knew he was wanted and she still harboured him. This type of pattern needs to stop. The people who pay taxes are being affected and the ones that take from our taxes don’t care. I am tired of this . Police and Sheriff’s continue on doing what you are doing. Your lives matter too.

  • Janet Hintz

    Wake up, your son is a MESS, Where have you been. He has warrants, lock him up. Young black males want to be seen. What happened to parenting you child, guide them to grow up to be PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS not PRODUCTIVE THUGS. Where that their dad’s? No role models to look up too.

  • babs

    He is under arrest, being in the hospital does not change that and is a result of his own actions, last time I checked he has a right to call an attorney not his mommy, man enought to do the crime man enough to do the time period. Mom you had your chance and we see how well that worked out, you are getting information from doctors and nurses that is more than you would get if he was in a jail cell. Stop turning this into a race war it is not a race thing it is a criminal thing!

  • taxpayer

    Blame the system for not locking your son up sooner! What a joke. No problem with the system on the 1st of every month though right? Ya I said it.


    There is a real problem when parents take up for their kids who are breaking the law. Understand yor child is not a saint if he is out here committing a crimes. It is your job as a parent to teach your child at an early age that if you doing something bad they must be punished! I have a teenager and for the most part he is a good kid but as soon as he does something wrong best believe he gets pusinshed and things get taken away. I refuse to hinder him and brush off his wrong doings. I agree with Tracy, people need to STOP BLAME THE SYSTEM OR LAW ENFOCEMENT IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE OUT OF CONTROL AND COMITTING CRIMES. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR PARENTING SKILLS

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